A dangerous game played by foolish men

kerry in gevevaAs Barack HUSSEIN Obama stabs ‘We the People’ in the back with his oh so many LIES about ObamaCare and then adds more LIES to cover for his first LIES as he tries to pass the newest LIES off as an apology…let’s NOT forget he honed his LYING skill by stabbing our ally and friend Israel in the back…and did it with his trademark smirk of a smile upon his LYING face.

And now enter stage our Traitor-of-State…oooops…I mean Secretary of State John ‘Swiftboat’ Kerry, who’s in Geneva right now “to help narrow differences in negotiations” as he begins talks with Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif and European Union Foreign Policy Chief Catherine Ashton about Iran ending its nuclear ambitions.

To begin talks with…just like his buddy Obama, Kerry just does NOT get that America does NOT ‘talk’ to the enemy to make deals…America does NOT cow-tow to those out to do her and her people harm…America tells the enemy what is expected of them and then gives them a time frame to follow through…and if they don’t America makes sure they do.

At least in the old days that was the way it was…in the old days BEFORE Barack HUSSEIN Obama that is…BEFORE political correctness became this administration’s weapon of choice…BEFORE Obama turned America into a laughing stock…BEFORE America was knocked down a few pegs by the likes of Vladimir Putin.

But even with all the damage Obama and crew have done to America’s reputation on the world stage one fact must remain…America and nations of conscience must NOT abide Iran getting nuclear capabilities…period…for rogue regimes who come complete with unstable religious zealots as leaders are a threat NOT only to the already shaky and faltering stability of the Middle East but to Europe and America as well.

And to Israel above all else…Israel…our one true ally in the entire Middle East…a beacon of democracy in a sea of islamic jihadists. Israel…a nation chosen by God for His everlasting protection is being thrown to the wolves as Kerry publicly bloviates that he’s committed to doing “anything he can” to overcome America’s differences with Iran. But these words speak of what is NOT outwardly being said but very much implied…Israel be damned.

Yet Iran is hurting even while having some of the world’s largest oil and gas reserves, for the sanctions to date appear to be working as they have cut Iran’s daily crude sales revenue by 60% in the last two years, caused the value of the rial (Iran’s currency) to plummet, and pushed inflation to over 40%…so why pull back and cut deals now when the sanctions are close to bringing Iran to its knees…close to having us the victors over Iran the enemy…why…

Why is Obama begging Congress to hold off on placing any more sanctions on Iran so, as he claims, NOT to undermine the new diplomatic openings…why…

Why cave now with many in Congress, including many Democrats, believing that it’s been these very tough sanctions that have pushed Iran to the negotiating table to try and cut deals…why give in when we now have the upper hand…and why NOT have the sanctions lifted AFTER Iran has dismantled its enrichment facilities instead of before…why…

Why…the answer is simple really as it’s because Barack HUSSEIN Obama is using the situation with Iran…and playing a very dangerous game in the process…to try and neutralize the effect of his Arab Spring gone horribly wrong…to ‘save face’ so to speak…to try and save his legacy…to be seen as the man who disarmed a rogue nation only to have that nation playing him for the fool that he is for they are getting everything without having to take apart…to dismantle…even one centrifuge.

And so while Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is trying to warn both Kerry and the world that Iran would be getting “the deal of the century” if they were granted what they want…a rollback of the sanctions that have crippled their economy by ending a freeze on up to $50 billion in overseas accounts, and having restrictions lifted on petrochemicals, gold, and other precious metals…in exchange for stopping enriching uranium to 20% (which is just a few technical steps from weapons grade), reducing its existing stockpiles, and agreeing not to activate its plutonium reactor at Arak…Kerry is doing Obama’s bidding by tying to finalize this…as Netanyahu says…very bad deal.

“This is a bad deal…a very very bad deal…Israel utterly rejects it (lifting the sanctions) and what I am saying is shared by many in the region, whether or not they express that publicly” Netanyahu said just few days ago.

And how right he is…BiBi usually is…as Saudi Arabia has told Obama in NO uncertain terms that they do NOT like the catering to and placating of Iran that is currently going on by the Obama administration and its mouthpiece John Kerry.

But the bottom line is that as it stands now Iran is controlling the chess game in Geneva, and a game it is as they are manipulating Obama using John Kerry as their pawn…manipulating the game with phony gestures of halting their nuclear aspirations and ending an over 30 year break in diplomatic relations that Kerry is just playing into…while Israel will once again bear the brunt of and be the fall guy for yet another Obama administration ill-advised and very dangerous Middle East policy.

That is unless Israel now decides to change the rules of the game…wink, wink.


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