Chelsea Handler attacks Nikki Haley over Hamas, doubles down on anti-Israel hatred, gets clock cleaned

On Tuesday, U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley ripped the U.N. Security Council for its incredible bias against Israel.  This prompted alleged comedian Chelsea Handler to fly off the proverbial handle.

“Nikki Haley is on tv talking about Hamas being responsible for the Palestinians protesting yesterday. These people had no weapons. They had tires to burn. There was a dead baby. While Netanyahu celebrates,” she tweeted.

That wasn’t enough for Handler.  As Twitchy noted, “there’s always more nutjobbery” where Handler is concerned.

“now (sic) the bibi craizies (sic) are running the show, unchecked and will effectively turn gaza (sic) and the left bank into starvation camps or mental asylums, if not already and bomb iran (sic) into submission… there will be a religious term for this. i think the evangelicals call it the rapture,” she said in another unhinged tweet, demonstrating her clear ignorance of geography and evangelical Christianity.

Handler got her clock cleaned — good…

How dare you ask Chelsea a question?

Please, don’t confuse poor deranged Chelsea with facts…

The IDF also tweeted this:

Ignorance indeed…

This isn’t the first time Handler has gone off the deep end as we’ve reported several times.

In August 2017, for example, she advocated a military coup to remove Donald Trump from office.  Having failed to learn her lesson from that episode, Handler did it again in October 2017 and got schooled by James Woods.  She also suggested trading Trump for North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un.

And if that’s not enough, she suggested enacting thought crime laws in the United States to end free speech.

It’s pretty safe to say that nothing Handler tweets surprises us anymore…

This, by the way, is the modern, uninformed, hateful left.  Let that sink in.

H/T Daily Wire


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