Creepy Clowns – Pushback has begun

The Creepy Clown incidents flooding the country are just another way of keeping people distracted from real news. And the day is coming when one of these fools dressed as a creepy clown could get shot for scaring people.

The incidents have spread across the United States, creating hysteria on college campuses, and hiking trails, in cities and rural communities.  While most of the incidents are hoaxes, a handful of them have resulted in arrests.

creepy clowns
A clown that approached a car full of men got beat severely with a bat.

In one case, the clown got beaten with a baseball bat when he tried to scare a group of men sitting in a car. When the clown approached the car with his balloons, one of the occupants got out with a bat and smacked the clown in the knee, then two men proceeded to punch the clown.

In California, a woman kicked at clown who tried to snatch her 1 year old.

That may be the tip of the iceberg if one of these yahoos tries to harm a person in a gun-friendly state.

In Sterling Heights, Michigan, a clown incident resulted in a young boy being scratched with what he described as a “butter knife.”

Screenshot of boy in Sterling Heights, Michigan who was scratched by a creepy clown

The flood of reports

Police have been scrambling to keep up with the reports of scary clowns. Even in the normally peaceful Pacific Northwest, police have been inundated with reports.

Some folks report being harassed online by “creepy clowns” – people with a clown avatar. Others have encountered people dressed as clowns.

In Shoshone County, Idaho, several people reported being harassed. In Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, a hiker reported an encounter with a clown along a trail in the area. Remember this, you fools who want to scare people: Idaho is a Constitutional carry state. Just sayin’.

Spokane, Washington, has had numerous reports of clowns, one of which claimed that a clown chased a little girl. Police have attempted to calm the hysteria by telling people that the character from the movie “IT” is not lurking in the area.

Not all clowns are killers

Just because someone is dressed like a clown, doesn’t mean they have committed a crime. And legitimate clowns are taking a serious hit from the negative connotation. Real clowns organized a march to show that they are safe and fun for kids, not psychotic killers.

This hysteria is vaguely reminiscent of the same kind of hysteria after the movie “The Purge” circulated in 2013. The story line said that all crime was legal for 12 hours. So naturally hysteria reigned across the country, as rumors of rampant lawlessness spread.

People may think this is funny, but it is not. And someone will eventually pay the ultimate price for their little jokes.

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