Court Official Helps Illegal Alien Escape From ICE

illegal alienIn Oregon some court officials have the powers of a judge for small claims and other minor courts.  ICE appeared at Portland’s Multnomah County Courthouse to arrest an alien about to be arraigned on drunk driving charges.  The officers were told to wait and then found out the illegal had been led out through a door which only court officials are allowed to use.

This is not just a matter of not notifying ICE about a prisoner wanted on a detainer, this is outright aiding and abetting.  The DOJ should take harsh and immediate action against this official and give this person a lengthy prison sentence to deter future breaking of federal law.

The officers from U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, or ICE, were waiting outside a courtroom to take custody of an illegal alien who was then being arraigned for drunk driving in Portland’s Multnomah County Courthouse. The officers were told to wait, and then discovered their quarry had escaped out a door used only by court officers, U.S. Attorney Billy Williams said.

Williams said that on Jan. 27 a “judicial referee” helped the illegal alien sneak out another door to elude ICE agents, according to the Oregonian.

The U.S. Attorney noted that ICE officers “waited and waited” outside the referee’s courtroom but the suspect never came out through the public entrance.

“The man exited the courtroom through a side door and found his way out of the building,” Williams said.

A judicial referee has the powers of a circuit judge and can preside over cases in small claims court, can hear issues concerning landlords and tenants, as well as preside over traffic court.


“I found it to be troubling,” Williams added. “We are all officers of the court, and we all take an oath to follow the law.”


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