Conservative YouTuber Lauren Southern detained, banned from UK for alleged ‘racism’

Early Monday morning, Canadian YouTuber Lauren Southern said on Twitter that she has been officially banned from the UK for alleged “racism.”  The tweet was sent after news broke that she was detained at the border and taken in for questioning.

“They just locked me out and said ‘au revoir’… Officially banned from UK for ‘racism’.. doing fine though, all the cool people are being banned anyway,” she tweeted.  “Need to gather my thoughts and call family. Interrogation story is pretty crazy though. Will tell it soon.”

Southern also noted:

The Gateway Pundit’s Cassandra Fairbanks said attempts to call Southern’s cellphone were “immediately sent to voicemail.”

Southern’s treatment at the hand of politically-correct UK authorities came on the heels of another incident in which American Brittany Pettibone was detained and held in London for reportedly attempting to interview Tommy Robinson.  Pettibone and her boyfriend, Austrian activist Martin Sellner of Génération Identitaire were detained and imprisoned in London, reports said.

Although they were eventually released, they were reportedly refused entry to the country because authorities felt they would “incite racial hatred.”

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One tweet said Southern was being questioned about her relationship with Pettibone:

Robinson tweeted:

Pettibone tweeted:

Apparently so…

Another person tweeted what appears to be the order denying Southern entry into the UK:

One person observed:

Keep in mind this is the same country that gave us the Magna Carta…

Update: Pettibone and Sellner discussed their ordeal with Robinson in our video of the day.


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