Connecticut Democrats condemn speech by Lucian Wintrich: Saying it’s ‘OK to be white’ is ‘white supremacy’

As we reported on Tuesday, Lucian Wintrich, a conservative commentator with the Gateway Pundit, was arrested for allegedly assaulting a female student at the University of Connecticut where he was to give a speech entitled, “It’s OK to be White.”  More information on that incident has since come to light, but the Connecticut Democrat Party wasted no time condemning Wintrich’s exercise of free speech and falsely claimed his speech peddled “white supremacy.”

“This is despicable, and Connecticut Democrats condemn this violence — and the white supremacy Mr. Wintrich was peddling — in the strongest possible terms,” the Twitter statement said.

They weren’t finished, however, and used the incident to push fake narratives against the Trump administration and Connecticut Republicans in an attempt to tie the state GOP to what happened in Charlottesville earlier this year.

They also accused Wintrich of being a white supremacist:

And a member of the so-called “alt-right.”

They gave lip service to “free speech,” but refused to say that Wintrich also has the right to express his views:

Translation: Free speech can be done peacefully as long as we agree to it beforehand.

Sorry, that’s not how this works.

So what happened on Tuesday?

According to Breitbart, videos show that Wintrich’s speech was stolen from him by a left-wing activist.  Wintrich is seen pursuing the activist, physically grabbing her, and recovering them.

Breitbart noted that Connecticut state law permits the use of “reasonable physical force” to recover stolen property.  But Wintrich — not the liberal activist — is the one who got arrested.

And, Breitbart added, liberals didn’t just steal Wintrich’s notes — they were overall extremely violent:

The speech was met with disruptive protests from left-wingers on campus, who chanted “Go home Nazi” at Wintrich, who is openly gay and of Polish and Jewish ancestry.

According to pictures from campus reporter Rebecca Lurye, windows at Wintrich’s event were also smashed. It is not currently known if any of the vandals have been arrested.

They even chased the police vehicle as it left the scene.

One person asked the Connecticut Democrats:

It sounds to us like the latter is more correct.

Say what you will about Wintrich and the site he works for — that’s immaterial here — but videos clearly show that far-left protesters were the instigators of the violence.  Sadly, this has become the norm for the Borg-like collective known as the modern American left.


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