Colo. Gov. John Hickenlooper: Refugees have never committed acts of terror – Video

hickenlooper-2While appearing on CNN, John Hickenlooper, the Democratic governor of Colorado, doubled down on the stupidity when he claimed that refugees have never committed an act of terror in the United States.

Apparently, as the Right Scoop points out, Hickenlooper forgot that the Tzarnaev brothers — the two men involved in the Boston Marathon bombings — were refugees from Kyrgyzstan.

“I suppose blowing off Americans’ legs doesn’t rate very high in Hickenlooper’s estimation of a terror attack, but for the rest of us, it fits the definition,” blogger Soopermexican wrote.

Here’s video of his statement:

Hickenlooper, one of a handful of governors welcoming the refugees with open arms, recently said that Americans must support the president when he makes a decision on national defense.

“If you are an American — at least I’ve always felt this my whole life growing up — (and) your president decides something, you’ve got to support him if it’s an issue of national security,” he said. “That is just the way it works.”

Exit question: Will Hickenlooper take responsibility if one of his beloved refugees kills or maims someone the way the Tzarnaevs did? Somehow, I doubt he will.


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