Cokie Roberts: Dems ‘nervously’ whispering about replacing sick Hillary

She mentioned Biden as a possible replacement, but said it's unlikely it'll happen.

Dems are "nervously" whispering about replacing sick, crooked Hillary
Screengrab: YouTube

While appearing on NPR’s “Morning Edition,” ABC political commentator Cokie Roberts said Monday there’s whispers within the Democrat Party of replacing Hillary Clinton, perhaps the most evil person ever nominated to the White House by a major party, especially in light of her poor health, which has now been exposed to the entire world.

“The fact that it comes now when the polls are tightening and Democrats are already saying that Hillary was the only candidate who could not beat Trump and it is taking her off of the campaign trail, canceling her trip to California – it has them very nervously beginning to whisper about having her step aside and finding another candidate,” she said.

Roberts, however, said that it’s unlikely to happen.

“I think it is unlikely to be a real thing,” she said. “And I’m sure it is an overreaction of an already skittish party. But you know, they have looked at what happens in that circumstance. The Democratic National Committee chair convenes the committee and they vote. Now ironically, the candidate who everybody looks at is Joe Biden, who is older than Hillary Clinton. But then again, so is Donald Trump and by the way we know nothing about his health.”

Here’s audio of that exchange:

On Sunday, MSNBC’s David Shuster tweeted:

In another tweet, he observed that it’s all up to Clinton:

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On Monday, he added:


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