Clinton scarfs down chocolate rather than answer questions (Video)

Damn the calorie count... full steam ahead! Clinton knocks back the chocolate. (Youtube)
Damn the calorie count… full steam ahead! Clinton knocks back the chocolate. (Youtube)

Eww factor: Clinton speaks with her yap full…

It’s a proven fact that there is no direct scientific correlation between the consumption of C7H8N4O2 (the chemical formula for a bitter alkaloid of the cacao plant found in chocolate) and the heartbreak of cankles. But when it comes to Hillary Clinton the empirical evidence of chunkified ham hocks and shoveling the sweet stuff down her buck-toothed pie hole at least seems a serious probability.cankhillary

As seen in the video (below) posted by the right-of-center FreedomPost.org, Clinton’s gone ga-ga over some hoity toity designer chocolates offered up prior to her appearance in Reno, Nevada.

As seen, the Democratic candidate for the presidency of the United States of America literally dismisses answering any questions with a dismissive and rather French-like wave of the hand.

But in all fairness, possibly in a move to shut them up, she does offer free chocolates to members of the “cooperative” press.

Or as Freedom Post states;

Crooked Hillary eats chocolate to avoid answering questions from the “cooperative” press after her speech attacking Donald Trump and the “Alt-Right”. Reno, NV. Aug 25, 2016. This is despite her not having a press conference for almost a year to avoid answering questions about her multiple scandals and ensued criminal investigations, unlike any Presidential candidate in U.S. history.

And speaking of Reno, Clinton’s sorry excuse for a campaign rally was held in … wait for it … the gymnasium of a local middle school.

While Donald Trump routinely pulls in thousands of supporters at his various campaign stops, the Reno Gazette Journal reports that the former Secretary of State managed to draw a measly 500 Democrat faithful.


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