Terror aftermath: Questions raised about gun control failure, national safety

IMG_2017_1_1A new Rasmussen poll, ironically taken in the two days prior to last Friday night’s terrorist attack in Paris, revealed that a majority of likely U.S. voters “remain less confident in their safety here at home than they have ever been.”

The same report noted that a majority of likely voters were concerned even a month before the attacks about the president’s plan to bring thousands of Syrian refugees to the United States. Seventy-two percent of those surveyed told Rasmussen that giving asylum to thousands of Syrian refugees poses a national security risk to this country.

Governors in several states – including Illinois, Michigan, Alabama and Louisiana – have also expressed concerns about refugees.

Meanwhile, several news agencies are beginning to question whether strict gun laws contributed to the Paris massacre by disarming honest citizens, and failing to prevent the terrorists from getting their hands on guns.

In the aftermath of the terrorist attack that left 129 dead, several news agencies have been looking hard at French gun laws, and the failure of European gun control in general.

In this country, Republican front runner Donald Trump, during remarks in Beaumont, Texas on the day after the attack, contended that the outcome might have been different, had some of the victims been armed.

Meanwhile, the New American observed that strict French gun laws not only didn’t work, but had put gun control proponents in something of a political fix.

“Much handwringing and declarations of vengeance emanated from French politicians who appeared to have been caught by surprise,” The New American reported. “After all, as recently as 2012 those very same politicians enacted even more draconian gun laws in order, they said, to keep this from happening again.”

American gun prohibitionists may find themselves in the same boat. Gun control laws they have pushed in reaction to mass shootings haven’t worked, and would not have prevented the crimes even if they had been in place. Those “inconvenient truths” are habitually brushed aside by anti-gunners determined to force their doctrine of disarmament on the entire country, while failing to keep guns away from criminals.

H/T Seattle Gun Rights Examiner.


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