‘Children’ sue Florida Gov. Rick Scott for not stopping alleged threat of rising oceans

On Monday, The Hill reported that a group of “young people” ranging in age from 10 – 20 have filed a lawsuit against Florida Governor Rick Scott for not doing enough to stop the alleged rise of oceans from so-called “climate change.”

According to The Hill:

The group of eight young Florida residents — represented by Oregon-based Our Children’s Trust — sued Scott to demand that the state begin working on a court-ordered, science-based “Climate Recovery Plan,” the Miami Herald reported.

The group, which is reportedly made up of individuals ranging from 10 to 20 years old, is alleging Scott is not taking steps to combat climate change.

The suit says Scott and his administration have not passed any legislation meant to measure or curb carbon emissions. It also accuses the Florida governor and his administration of not doing anything regarding the threat of rising seas on the coasts.

“Gov. Scott says he’s not a scientist,” said Delaney Reynolds, an 18-year-old who attends University of Miami’s Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science. “Well, neither are most of the people that are forced to take action because the state is failing us.”

Spokesman McKinley Lewis, however, defended Scott’s actions.

“The Governor signed one of the largest environmental protection budgets in Florida’s history last month – investing $4 billion into Florida’s environment,” Lewis said in a statement.  “The Governor is focused on real solutions to protect our environment – not political theater or a lawsuit orchestrated by a group based in Eugene, Oregon.”

Twitchy said this isn’t the first time “climate kids” have sued over global warming.  And quite a few are skeptical of the whole “children” angle.

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This is more like it:

Andrea Rodgers, senior attorney at Our Children’s Trust, let the cat out of the bag:  “We want these stories in the courtroom, because once that happens the law is on our side.”

But one Twitter user issued a dose of reality:


One person asked:

That’s easy — agenda-driven liberals…

Rodgers says she she expects a jury will hear the case before the end of the year.


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