Check out the racist hate liberals sent teen conservative CJ Pearson

CJ Pearson
CJ Pearson Screengrab: YouTube

Scratch a liberal, find a racist bigot.  Last Friday, we reported that Facebook, the social media site now seen as the world’s most dangerous censor, slapped 14-year-old CJ Pearson after he dared to expose some of the racist hatred sent to him from allegedly “tolerant” and “diverse” liberals.

On Sunday, CJ reached out to us and shared some of the things sent his way by those who claim to be “tolerant” and “diverse.”  According to Pearson, this is the type of garbage liberals have sent him since he began supporting Donald Trump.

This is the post that got Pearson slapped by Facebook:


Notice where this person claims to work.  Nice, huh?

Then there’s these two messages.  Notice that one person said Pearson should’ve been aborted while another calls Pearson “ignorant” while displaying her own ignorance of the English language…


Got that?  If you don’t goose-step to the left’s communist ideology, you’re ignorant and don’t deserve to live.

Here’s another that clearly demonstrates how liberals really feel about people of color.


Now isn’t that nice.  Sadly, it’s typical left-wing rhetoric.

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Here’s another that demonstrates the blatant racism and the “high intellectual level” of the left (Warning: very strong language):


Wonder if he was able to write that all by himself or did someone have to point out the letters on the keyboard?  I can’t help but wonder if this creature’s mother ever had any kids that lived…

And of course, liberals always engage in threats of violence, because that’s about all they’re really capable of:


“It’s insane,” Pearson told me.  “It’s a shame the party of tolerance is so intolerant to free-thinking people of color.”

It is insane and he’s right — it’s a crying shame.  But these are liberals we’re talking about — not individuals capable of rational thought or discourse.  Sadly, this is Hillary Clinton’s base, and it’s the same crowd that elected Barack Obama twice.

“Apparently,” Pearson added, “the Left only champions black people when we say what they want us to say…”


That, and the fact that liberalism, as I first said back in 2011, is an ideology of rage and hate.  And they prove it on just about any given day.


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