California woman reportedly refuses to sell house to Trump supporter — Price now over $100,000 lower

It would appear that a California woman is paying — big time — for her decision to not sell her home to a Trump supporter, Fox News reported.  According to the report, the home’s price went down over $100,000.

Fox News stated:

n March the woman placed her Sacramento-area home on the market for $625,000 with one stipulation: The buyer must not be a Trump supporter. She later took the home off the market for reasons that were not clear.

But now the two-bedroom, two-bathroom home is being sold for less than $500,000, leaving some to wonder if the significantly lower price is at all related to the no-Trump-supporters demand, the San Francisco Chronicle reported.

The original ad, saying Trump backers need not apply, had some questioning its legality. The Fair Housing Act, prohibits race, religion, sex, and national original (among other classifications) from consideration in a transaction, but makes no mention of political affiliation. Yet one lawyer claimed the stipulation was a violation of a potential buyer’s First Amendment rights.

The woman was adamant about her decision, telling CBS Sacramento: “When you’re talking about principles, morals, and ethics, it’s very, very deep.”

The home is now listed with a different realtor with no special “restrictions,” Fox said.

According to the Sacramento Bee:

After being taken off the market temporarily, that home’s sale is now just about a done deal — with a six-figure cut to its original asking price.

Listed for $625,000 in March, the two-bedroom, two-bathroom home is pending sale at a price of $495,000, according to documents and listings available on multiple real estate websites this week. The homeowner used a different real estate agent this time.

The current listing agent said Friday she was not aware of any restrictions or special instructions.

Ryan Lundquist, a certified residential appraiser and active real estate blogger in the Sacramento area, said the price difference was probably due to the home being overpriced.

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“Part of the problem was, it looks like it was priced like it was remodeled, when it really wasn’t,” he told the Bee.

Nevertheless, he was critical of the woman’s restriction.

“Why would you want to isolate your audience of potential buyers?” he asked. “Politics can be so divisive today, and the truth is that most buyers don’t care about the political affiliations of the seller. I’ve never met a buyer that said, ‘I’m only gonna buy if the seller voted for Bernie (Sanders)’ … people just don’t say that.”

Maybe before Trump’s election they didn’t.  Things are quite different today.


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