Bye-bye 2013…can’t say I’m sorry to see you go

2013 was NOT a good year for America, Americans, or the world. The list of things gone wrong because of the misguided policies and corruption of the Obama administration could fill a book let alone an op-ed. Ranging from the ‘Ghosts of Benghazi’ and Extortion 17; our still faltering economy with millions of Americans out of work; the nightmare known as ObamaCare; ILLEGALS demanding amnesty; the NSA spying on ‘We the People’ and the IRS running amok; the stabbing of Israel in the back; Iran flexing its muscle and Obama acquiescing; and Syria a total mess as Obama sides with the al-Qaeda supported rebels…the list goes on and on ad-nauseum.

And lest we forget John Boehner and John McCain morphing into the vileness that is the hallmark of Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi as they continue to slam the TEA Party…the one true bright spot in an otherwise dismal political year. And don’t dare get me started on Chris Christie…the man the GOP establishment is trying to cram down our throats like they did with John McCain in 2008…the man who might as well just put a ‘D’ after his name and be done with it.

But now we’ve crossed the threshold into a bright and hopeful new year but a year with the shadow of 2013 looming large and setting the stage for the direction this newly born year will take. And we Conservatives better get our act together if we are to turn the despair of 2013 into November mid-term election victories.

So now I will peer into my crystal ball…allegorically speaking of course…and see where we’re headed on a few of the key issues…keeping my fingers crossed that my crystal ball will NOT show the same old, same old but instead will show images of hope restored.

Let’s start with Obama’s namesake disaster… ObamaCare. In defiance of the 10th Amendment (which states that “the powers NOT delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people”), and willfully causing the cancellation of the medical coverage of millions of Americans, Obama started a farce of a PR campaign that claims 1.1 million Americans have signed up on the now ‘somewhat functioning’ Healthcare.gov website exchanges but NOT wanting to tell us that those numbers fall far short of their expectation of having 3.3 million sign-ups by now.

And the fact that there’s a big difference between signing up and just signing in to peruse what’s offered is being ignoring, because a large percentage of people who are signing up are actually signing up for Medicaid. Also being sidestepped is that of those who have signed up for an actual policy is the fact that only half of those people have made the required first month’s premium payment that assures them their coverage. So to those who think they’ve successfully enrolled, good luck to you for when you next visit your doctor you just might discover that you do NOT have the health insurance coverage you thought you had…and don’t say we didn’t warn you.

And then the fun and games will really begin as the insurance companies will have to clean up the mess of who is actually covered and who isn’t…and it all started at midnight on January 1st, as ObamaCare became the law of the land.

Damn…it’s still the same old, same old it seems.

And now my crystal ball shows that the infighting amongst the Republicans continues on. Led by the ‘old guard’ and RINOS John McCain, Lindsey Graham, John Boehner, and the now talking head Carl Rove…the infighting is targeting the TEA Party simply because the TEA Party is casting aside the ‘old guard’ to make way for the ‘new guard’…TEA Party Republicans like Ted Cruz and Mike Lee. The TEA Party knows it’s time for the next generation to take over the Republican party and bring it back to its Conservative roots born of the Constitution. The Republican party of today is at a fork in the road where they must decide which path to take… does their main focus become the tempering down of the ‘old guard’s’ rhetoric that fuels the internal conflicts existing within the splintered party or does the party unite to put America first, for even the ‘old guard’ must know that 2014 is our last chance to take our country back from the creeping cancer known as liberalism.

But sadly, the rightly chosen path still has NOT yet been decided upon.

Now we all know about the nightmare-in-waiting of giving amnesty to the 20+ million ILLEGAL aliens ‘criminally’ residing in our country. You know the ones I mean…the ones taking jobs away from legal Americans as they continue to bilk and rape our welfare, educational, and health care systems in the process. Well, if we do NOT take back the Senate and keep the House, those who broke our laws to get here will soon be moved to the front of the line for citizenship with the swipe of Obama’s pen.

And yet I think my crystal ball is clearing a bit as it’s now showing that those who must be called to task for Benghazi finally will be. With witnesses to the attack now coming forward…people who know the truth about how Barack HUSSEIN Obama and Hillary Clinton left four Americans behind to die…NOT lifting a finger…NOT answering their desperate pleas for help…means Obama can only suppress the truth for so long even with media help. And it’s up to we bloggers who refuse to let Benghazi become a mere footnote in history to continue to speak up, to write about, and to flood the internet with all things Benghazi. Benghazi is cold-blooded MURDER and something ‘We the People’ must NOT let this administration get away with. And we sure as hell will NOT let Hillary Clinton sweep Benghazi under the rug in her now assumed 2016 presidential run.

And as my crystal ball finally clears I see images of a man of courage…a man of conviction…a man of inner strength and fortitude doing what our traitor of a president will NOT do…for I see Benjamin Netanyahu saying ‘ENOUGH’. And yes, I am talking about the Israeli military taking out Iran’s nuclear plants before Iran gets a chance to change the complexion of the entire Middle East, for if Iran gets even one nuclear bomb it will try to wipe Israel off the map. And that infamous smirk of a smile will again cross Barack HUSSEIN Obama’s lips as he bows down and kisses the hand of those out to kill us all.

But there is hope for our beloved America for even the sheeple are starting to wake up from their five year slumber. Finally realizing that their free Obama phones were NOT worth the selling of their souls to the man who would be king, they like the rest of us are getting hit where it hurts the most…in the pocketbook.

So, as the TEA Party grows in momentum all across this still great land…and with those like Ted Cruz, Sarah Palin, and Allen West leading the TEA Party charge…2014 will be the year we Conservatives retake the Senate and keep the House. And while it will be one hell of a bumpy ride we must unite together in solidarity to make sure that the America we remember will indeed be reborn in love for God and Country…because in NO uncertain terms America must survive.

And NO crystal ball is needed to tell me that.


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