Black Racism, by the Numbers: The TRUTH isn’t racist, it’s just the TRUTH.

According to FOX News,  “A controversial tweet allegedly posted Friday by a nurse at one of the largest hospital systems in the nation has sparked an internal investigation.”

As we reported on Sunday, the tweet came from an account named “Night Nurse,” linked to Indiana University Health employee Taiyesha Baker, FOX59 said.

The tweet read, “Every white woman raises a detriment to society when they raise a son. Someone with the HIGHEST propensity to be a terrorist, rapist, racist, killer, and domestic violence all star. Historically every son you had should be sacrificed to the wolves b___”

Oh really? So why don’t those of us who aren’t racists post the real stats about who are really terrorists, killers, and rapists?

USA Crime statistics, 2015

Source: Crimes Statistics Bureau, San Francisco

Blacks killed by whites – 2%

Blacks killed by police – 1%

Whites killed by police – 3%

Whites killed by whites – 16%

Whites killed by blacks – 81%

Blacks killed by blacks – 97%

Chicago: 75% of Murdered Are Black, 71% of Murderers Are Black In 2015, there were 485 homicides in Chicago. In 2016 that number jumped 57% to 762 — more than New York and Los Angeles combined. Shooting incidents in a city with some of the most draconian gun control laws in the country, leapt from 2,426 in 2015 to 3,550 in 2016. Between 75% and 80% of Chicago shooting victims are black.

Former Chicago Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy blamed the Black Lives Matter movement for causing a rise in violent crime around the country.

“Less than half of 1 percent of all the shootings in this city involve police officers shooting civilians.” – former Chicago Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy.

An overwhelming number of blacks in America are being murdered by other black Americans. It’s not whites who are killing blacks. Blacks are killing blacks; yet they make it out to be a race issue and blame it on whites. Over the 2016 Labor Day weekend, Chicago hit the tragic number: 500 homicides. African-American men are the ones driving Chicago’s homicide numbers.

One black journalist stated, “But as African-Americans, we can’t afford to sit back and blame the genocide of our community on societal woes. There are impoverished communities in every city and town in America — always have been — but residents aren’t going around shooting each other to death at the rate we are in Chicago.” – Dahleen Glanton

From the 2010 U.S. Census & 2012 FBI Crime Statistics: 

Blacks are 12.61% of the American population, yet they commit 32.5% of all rapes, 34.1% of all assaults, 54.9% of all robberies, and 49.4% of all murders. 91% of murdered black Americans are killed by other black Americans.

The TRUTH isn’t racist, it’s just the TRUTH.

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