Benghazi: The Truth Exposed…Part 3 of 3

By: Diane Sori and Craig Andresen

After the attacks in Benghazi many questions remained that needed answers even after the Johnny-come-lately FBI investigation said all had been answered, and those who wanted to protect the Obama regime by refusing to answer them was in full operational mode. The Rose Garden speech blaming the video…Obama jetting off to Vegas for a fund raiser…Susan Rice spreading the video nonsense on five Sunday shows… Hillary and Obama blaming the video at the memorial service as the caskets of Christopher Stevens, Sean Smith, Tyrone Woods, and Glen Doherty arrived…and more of Obama’s blathering on about the video ruse at the U(seless) N(ations). We do NOT need to go into details with which everyone is already all too familiar. What we must do however, is connect the most disturbing of dots. Let’s begin with the ‘stand down’ orders.

Issuing a ‘stand down’ order does follow a specific chain of command, and the one relating to Benghazi would go like this, in order from top to bottom…President, Secretary of Defense, Secretary’s of the various armed services (Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines), Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the various Chiefs of Staff for each military service, the Commanding General for AFRICOM, and the local command structure under AFRICOM.

All in the command chain below Obama have denied giving such an order, including then Defense Secretary Leon E. Panetta and Army Gen. Martin E. Dempsey, then chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff (remember, Dempsey testified that orders were given to assist in Tripoli but NOT to assist in Benghazi but NEVER telling who gave that order but we know it was NOT him). And all the military branch Chiefs have also said they gave NO such order. And while AFRICOM Commander General Carter Ham did give testimony in a closed door hearing before the House Armed Services Committee investigating Benghazi, we still do NOT know his testimony, but know that if he had given such an order it would have been made public for all to hear for it would have cleared Obama, especially important because everything possible is being done to try and distance him from this event, especially after his nonsense about a YouTube video.

But NO such announcement assuming responsibility for that ‘stand down’ order has been made by General Ham so logic would dictate he gave NO such order. And remember, Panetta announced back in October 2012, that General Ham would be retiring for refusing to obey orders NOT to assist the US personnel in Benghazi on that fateful night, and that on Saturday, October 27th, Panetta confirmed that General Ham had indeed been ‘relieved’ of his AFRICOM command.

Now here is something interesting about the official command chain…neither the Vice-President nor the Secretary of State is in that chain. But, the Vice-President and the Secretary of State do have the authority through the President to countermand any one below the President. And while the National Security Council and the Department of Homeland Security Secretary influence military decisions (to some degree) through the National Security Act and through their advisory positions to the President, they do NOT have the authority to issue an actual ‘stand down’ order on their own as that can ONLY be done by those in the direct chain of command.

Yet according to whistleblower Gregory Hicks (the Deputy Chief of Mission in Libya at the time of Benghazi), who when testifying before Congress said that after the first attack a security team left Tripoli for Benghazi with two military personnel, and that four members of a special forces team in Tripoli wanted to go in a second wave but were ordered to ‘stand down’ (but he did NOT know who gave that order).

And remember even though many were close enough to assist and possibly save Ambassador Stevens and the others, including Rear Admiral Charles Gaouette, commander of a Navy Carrier Battle Group that was within range to help… including two Marine anti-terrorist teams based in Rota, Spain who were ready, willing, and able to help…and also including a 130-man, fully armed Marine Force-Recon unit on the ground in Sigonella, Sicily…all ready to deploy to Benghazi to help, yet all say they were told to ‘stand down’. And that ‘stand down’ order assured that Ambassador Stevens would die with Information Officer Sean Smith and ex-Navy SEALS Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty becoming collateral damage…becoming just more ‘bumps in the road’.

So, the bottom line is if then Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta did NOT give the order to ‘stand down’…if then AFRICOM General Carter Ham did NOT give the order to ‘stand down’…if General Dempsey, then Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff did NOT give the order to ‘stand down’…and if all the other then Commanders and Officers did NOT give the order to ‘stand down’…that leaves only one person who had the authority to give that order…the one person who had the most to lose if Ambassador Stevens survived…and that one person is Barack HUSSEIN Obama.

As we continue to connect dots, let’s not forget the FBI investigation in Benghazi. Yes, THAT investigation. The one that didn’t begin until 20 days after the attacks.

Why 20 days?

Because, we were told, Benghazi was unsafe.

This of course, begs the question…If Benghazi was so dangerous that the FBI couldn’t go there, why then was the place crawling with western reporters just two days after the attacks?


If reporters were there and everything seemed ‘normal’ or as normal as an al-Qaeda held region could be, it would lend some air of ‘credibility’ to the whole You Tube video/spontaneous protest ruse cooked up by Obama and Hillary Clinton prior to the attacks.

Remember too that reporters found one of the ring leaders of those attacks, calmly sipping strawberry frappes and willing to talk about the attacks while sitting at a Benghazi sidewalk café.

Too dangerous for the FBI and yet, perfectly safe for the media?

It was, after all, the media that became one of the CIA’s trusted sources regarding the You Tube video ruse. According to the CIA’s own second in command, Mike Morrell, in last week’s testimony before a house committee so it should come as no great surprise that the media was unencumbered in their forays into Benghazi following the attacks.

While we’re on the topic of a stalled FBI cooling their heels in Tripoli while the media was free to roam about in Benghazi, let’s recall another major idiosyncrasy.

Just three days after the Benghazi attacks, on Saturday September 14th, 2012, CNN reporters, nosing about in the State Department’s burned out Mission, made a stunning discovery…the personal journal of one Ambassador Christopher Stevens.

His PERSONAL journal and NOT any document that belonged to the Hillary Clinton Department of State and, what became of that journal?

CNN notified the family of Christopher Stevens hours after their discovery, and through a third person, returned that journal to the family.

That was AFTER Hillary’s State Department went into orbit and DEMANDED the journal be returned because CNN had admitted to using information from the journal in their reporting including one very telling item.

CNN reported, based on a Stevens journal entry, that the Ambassador had great concerns over a…“HIT LIST!!!”

When asked to comment on that report, State Department spokesman Philippe Reines, A SENIOR ADVISOR TO THEN SECRETARY OF STATE HILLARY CLINTON responded, “I have absolutely no information or reason to believe that there’s any basis for that.”

Interesting, isn’t it? The number of rather “fortunate coincidences” for the Obama administration here?

The FBI not being in Benghazi because it was “too dangerous” while reporters had free reign of the place without incident?

How it took exactly the amount of time, three weeks, for the FBI to finally arrive in Benghazi as Obama and Hillary continued to try and float the You Tube video ruse?

How the personal journal of Chris Stevens was discovered and used to report his concerns over a “HIT LIST” but then turned over to his FAMILY rather than to the FBI investigators?

And the fact that said personal journal containing the “HIT LIST” passages was found on September 14th…(by sources cited by the CIA’s 2nd in command and used to “confirm” the phony You Tube video/spontaneous protest cover story) only to be secreted OUT of Benghazi in the nick of time for Susan Rice’s five Sunday Show ‘Blame-the-Video’ performances on September 16th?

In what we firmly believe to be a well-orchestrated, pre-planned hit on our Ambassador in Benghazi, there are NO ‘fortunate coincidences.’

There are, however, too many CONVENIENCES to be ignored.

And now, let’s take a look at a part of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence Report that received virtually NO media coverage and, an excerpt that sheds a truly shocking light of truth on all the dots we have connected.

We find the passage on page 46 of the report:

First, the ‘deliberative process.’

Deliberative process privilege is a privilege exempting the government from disclosure of government agency materials containing opinions, recommendations, and other communications that are part of the decision-making process within the agency. This encourages open and independent discussion among those who develop government policy. The theory behind the protection is that by guaranteeing confidentiality, the government will receive better or more candid advice, recommendations, and opinions, resulting in better decisions for society as a whole.

Obviously, this administration obstructed the Senate Committee’s investigation because there were things in the ‘deliberative process’ or, the building of the cover story, they don’t want ‘We the People’ privy too.

Go figure but, the SHOCKING part of this passage involves, ‘Executive Privilege.’

THAT is a privilege that can constitutionally ONLY be employed when a PRESIDENT is DIRECTLY INVOLVED in the situation at hand…DIRECTLY INVOLVED.

Therefore, by exerting EXECUTIVE PRIVILEGE…Obama has tipped his hand that, as our connect the dots Benghazi investigation into the TRUTH has surmised…Obama’s fingerprints are all over what happened there. Obama’s fingerprints are on the before, during and after the attacks situations and, if he colluded with the likes of Hillary Clinton and Leon Panetta in the gun running acts of treason we believe they all did, the very idea that Obama was personally involved would also cover their involvement under the cloak of  ‘Executive Privilege.’

We can find NO investigation or coverage of this revelation by anyone else in the media.

All of this said, why haven’t there been arrests? Why has NO one from al-Qaeda or Ansar al-Sharia involved in those attacks been brought to justice and, perhaps a better question, why has NO one from within this administration, other than the whistle-blowers like Gregory Hicks, been held accountable for their actions and involvement in the attacks that left Ambassador Stevens, Sean Smith, Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods dead?

We believe we can also shed the staggering light of truth on that as well.

As was said in Part 2 of this investigative report, we believe Benghazi was constructed to cover for the ‘targeted kill’ of Ambassador Christopher Stevens for Obama dared NOT let the information leak out that guns and weapons were being run to the al-Qaeda backed Syrian rebels. And as said, we also believe that towards the end Stevens realized he was betrayed and that NO help was coming from Hillary or from any in this administration, so he reached out to the political opposition…as in John Boehner…the Speaker of the House.

We believe that this is what Boehner refers to in his interview with Laura Ingram when he said, he’s heard the “chatter” about gun-running being at the center of the Benghazi scandal, but can’t elaborate on it because it came from a “classified source”…(like Ambassador Stevens himself perhaps).  <iframe width=”420″ height=”315″ src=”//” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>

On September 19, 2012, eight days after the attack and again on October 25, 2012, John Boehner met with Leon Panetta…who at this point Boehner still trusted…bad mistake…to discuss ‘issues’ like the IRS scandal and such. Now don’t dare believe that they didn’t discuss Benghazi…you know as well as we do that they did. And Panetta being the good Obama and Hillary loyalist immediately told Obama and Hillary what Boehner told him…then setting up a foundation to silence Boehner…to stop Boehner from OK’ing what ‘We the People’ and the families left behind so demanded…an Independent Investigation into Benghazi.

Blackmail plain and simple.

We believe Boehner knows the others, besides himself, to whom Stevens sent his information, and that Obama and crew know he knows but at this point have NOT been able to ‘break him’ if you will, but by blackmailing him they can keep him in check. It’s been public knowledge that Boehner has been suspected of having an affair with Lisbeth Lyons, Vice President for Government Affairs for the American Printers Association and a DC lobbyist…which both have flatly denied, but what if Obama and crew have proof…as in pictures or tapes. Remember, a sex scandal destroyed General Petraeus’ career and got Billy-Boy impeached, as it destroyed others as well.

Now consider this as an adjunct possibility…with a good old-fashioned sex scandal the only thing that seems to be what brings a DC politician down…and with Boehner being the third in line for the presidency…a position he so wants to keep…maybe a tit-for-tat tradeoff of silence was reached…as in Boehner maybe telling Obama you keep your DNC cronies and lapdog media out of my personal business or else I blow the lid off Benghazi.

Everyone of late thinks Boehner is a coward or a wimp, but he is NO such thing for to get where he is politically he had to crush his opposition and crushing your adversaries involves dirty politics. In DC the nice guy does finish last…the cut-throat politician…and Boehner behind closed doors could very well be more cut throat than crybaby. And NO matter what people say about Boehner he, at this point in time, is indeed safely ensconced in his position as Speaker of the House.

This could well be the reason why John Boehner is blocking an Independent Investigation, because to go forward would implicate him in the cover-up and there goes his political career… and welcome to GITMO.

What we have done, throughout our three article series, ‘Benghazi: The Truth Exposed’ has been to pour through all the available information, facts, testimony, and those items abbreviated by the media, to form the most plausible scenario by connecting the dots.

We have explored other possible theories, however, we have always found the available facts to lead directly back to those we have put forth in this series. We believe there was indeed a covert gun running operation, we believe that the Obama administration deliberately set up Ambassador Stevens for a hit, and that in the aftermath, the Obama administration deliberately endeavored to cover-up their acts of treason.

Furthermore, we believe that there must be those on our own side of the aisle helping to stall or block any attempts to expose the entirety of truth of what took place leading up to, during, and after the Benghazi attacks as outlined above.

We also hope that this three part series…this putting together of the individual pieces of the puzzle…will help those in the families of Ambassador Stevens, Sean Smith, Glen Doherty, and Tyrone Woods find some understanding as to what really happened to their loved ones, and we hope they can find some closure through knowing what we believe to be the truth surrounding that fateful night. We are keenly aware that justice can only be served by bringing those responsible to trial whether they be foreign or domestic.

This administration, Barack Hussein Obama and Hillary Clinton, know more than they are willing to divulge as the truth regarding their acts of treason is something they do NOT want exposed.

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