Big Pharma is Not Your Friend: Do Cures Exist for Cancer and Other Diseases?

Big Pharma(Disclaimer: Nothing in this post is intended to be medical advise, and represents the opinion of the author only.  We advise readers to carefully research this information for themselves and seek the advise of medical professionals.  We give no warranties or representations concerning the information contained herein and accept no liability in relation to the use of any of the substances or techniques mentioned in this post.)

Oxygen Therapy and DMSO is believed by some to cure and/or reverse many diseases that doctors and the pharmaceutical companies want to keep us in the dark about.

I first heard about Oxygen Therapy from a longtime friend on Facebook, who told me he had been using food-grade hydrogen peroxide for years. His story was amazing, but it only served to strengthen my personal view that Big Pharma is not our friend. Neither is the Food and Drug Administration. Oxygen therapy is said by some to cure not just cancer, but HIV and other serious diseases, but it seems Big Pharma doesn’t want you to know about it because they cannot patent the active ingredient, which is 35% Food-grade Hydrogen Peroxide; and it is available inexpensively at many major outlets.

It seems that Big Pharma and the insurance industry wants to keep us sick while impoverishing most of us with ridiculously high health insurance and medical costs. They can’t get rich without sick patients, so why would they inform you that there may be cures for many cancers and other illnesses? The answer is simple: GREED.

All the while they claim they are searching for a cure — they not only bilk us out of our hard-earned money, they sponsor events like “Run For The Cure” when the cure may already exist. The problem is that Big Pharma can’t patent these cures, so they can’t make a dime from them!

It’s like adding insult to injury to force us to pay for ridiculous health insurance premiums and ask us to donate for the cure, too? The problem is too many Americans think the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) cares about the citizens of this country. They don’t. They were bought and paid for by Big Pharma long ago.

NOTE: If you choose to purchase food-grade hydrogen peroxide, you should stay away from any that is less than 35%. There are charlatans everywhere who would rather sell you lesser products at inflated prices and rip you off. Food-grade Hydrogen Peroxide is available from many outlets, particularly health food stores.

Watch the video below, and download the attached information below the video.

Download “Hidden Cures You’re Not Supposed to Know About.” Simply click here.

(Editor’s note: There’s a lot of information about food-grade hydrogen peroxide, including the potential dangers, which we believe you should seriously consider before use. As always, we strongly advise you consult with medical professionals.)

Next, there is a little-known substance called DMSO. 


According to this article:

DMSO is a wonderful healing compound with a potential to treat and manage a wide range of health conditions. It penetrates deep into the skin, stimulates blood flow, relieves pain and reduces swelling and inflammation. DMSO is also a remarkable anti-oxidant. What’s more, DMSO is natural (by-product of paper manufacturing processing) and very safe (with a toxicity profile safer than aspirin).

While it may not have been approved by the U.S FDA – except to treat interstitial cystitis, a painful bladder inflammation, and to preserve organs for transplant – physicians in Europe and Canada use DMSO to treat painful and inflammatory conditions like scleroderma, arthritis and even serious, life-threatening conditions such as stroke and severe head and spinal cord injury.

The outstanding ability of DMSO to stop a stroke is not as appreciated and utilized as it deserves. Yet so many people around the world have benefited from its healing touch. Proper and timely use of DMSO can save lives and suffering that come with serious disabilities resulting from stroke and severe spinal cord injuries.

DMSO is natural, safe and inexpensive. It can considerably cut down overall costs involved in treating and managing such cases. DMSO is so fast and so effective that people who are at risk of having strokes are advised to stock this miracle compound in their medicine chest and also in their cars.

DMSO in Stroke

Stroke is one of the leading causes of death and disability. Stroke occurs when blood flow to the brain is either reduced or interrupted. Reduced blood supply and the resulting lack of oxygen and nutrients has the potential to damage the brain cells within minutes, causing severe neurological damage, sometimes irreversible. There are three main kinds of stroke: ischemic strokes, haemorrhagic strokes and transient ischemic attacks.

Ischemic stroke is the most common type of stroke, caused when arteries providing blood to the brain constricts or become blocked by blood clots. The blockage results in severely reduced blood flow. During a stroke there are several rippling effects going on simultaneously – increased intracranial pressure, inadequate blood flow, reduced oxygenation to tissues, free radical formation, release of enzymes and more. DMSO is equipped to contain and even reverse them.

When given immediately after a stroke DMSO can dissolve the clot and helps to restore circulation and prevent paralysis. It can be daubed on the skin, given intravenously or orally. Once DMSO enters the body, which it does amazingly fast, DMSO crosses the blood-brain barrier to achieve the desired results. Intravenous administration, however, is believed to bring faster and better results over other administration methods. DMSO is also useful in haemorrhagic stroke, caused when arteries in the brain ruptures or leaks.

A 2002 study published in Neurological Research [1] concluded that DMSO, when used in combination with FDP, helps in reducing neurological disability after stroke. FDP is a sugar that helps in an increased ATP production to restore the cellular energy loss after a stroke. The study reported that DMSO is a “sodium channel blocker, microvascular platelet de-aggregator and cell membrane stabilizer…. Additionally, DMSO has the ability to increase cerebral blood flow (CBF) when given for a variety of vascular insults and to reduce intracranial pressure in humans following severe head injury.”

Neurosurgeon Dr. Jack de Ia Torre and Dr. Jacob, considered leading authorities on DMSO, believed that “DMSO should be in every ambulance and emergency room so as to start giving it intravenously to stroke victims in the ambulance as soon as picked up or, at the latest, as soon as the patient arrives at an emergency room. If such were the established practice, the number of people dying or incapacitated from strokes would plummet.”

Read the complete article, here.

Disclaimer: Nothing in this post is intended to be medical advise, and represents only the opinion of the author, who is not a medical professional.  The information in this post is intended for informational purposes only. We advise readers to carefully research this information for themselves and seek the advise of medical professionals.  We give no warranties or representations concerning the information contained herein and accept no liability in relation to the use of any of the substances or techniques mentioned in this post.


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