BIDEN’S AMERICA: THE PROMOTION OF THE ENEMY WITHIN: Ilhan Omar Named Vice Chair of House Foreign Affairs Subcommittee!


IT would take way too much time, actually, a book-worthy endeavor, to detail and illustrate the many whys and wherefores that the appointment of jihadi-loving, anti-American Ilhan Omar to Congress’s Foreign Affairs Committee is an unmitigated national security disaster. Wildly dangerous.

DITTO that of Rashida Tlaib, yes, a rabid anti-American, Islamist fox in the hen-house! But we were talking about Omar. So, let’s stick to the aforementioned — a heretofore unfathomable appointment, that is, until the DemocRAT Mafia took over Capitol Hill in toto!

NOW, it is along the above hellish trajectory that prior analyses (at these pages) veer into sharp relief. Consider:


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FOX NEWS | By Dom Calichhio | February 14, 2021

Omar’s promotion shows “you can ‘fail up’ in the United States House – and get a vice chairmanship,” Hegseth says