Bernie Sanders Event shut down by #BlackLivesMatter (Video)

Screenshot 2015-08-09 10.36.53Seattle, Washington – Two #BlackLivesMatter protesters managed to get close enough to Senator Bernie Sanders, a  Presidential Candidate, and cause so much havoc that his campaign event had to be shut down on Saturday in Westlake Park.

Seattle- the “progressive city”

Senator Sanders started off his event by speaking to the cheering crowd with “Thank you, Seattle, for being the most progressive city in the United States…” and two black women accosted him at the microphone, threatening to shut it down, and took control of the event.

  Bernie Sanders
Screenshot of altercation a Bernie Sanders Rally on Saturday

Is that what “progressive” means – letting people get away with out of control behavior? Apparently.

The audience was predominantly white. The protesters took to the stage to shout that the audience were all “white supremacist liberals” because they kept telling the black folks to let the Senator speak. They got one thing right: the white  supremacists did start through Democrats, not Republicans.

As Mr. Sanders tried valiantly to get control by telling the “rabid” protesters that he would give them the mic, they continued to shout at him. When you view the video you will see the distressed look on his face.

The two black women protesters demanded 4 1/2 minutes of silence for Michael Brown, but refused to let the Senator speak.

“…disappointed that two people disrupted a rally attended by thousands … I was especially disappointed because on criminal-justice reform and the need to fight racism there is no other candidate for president who will fight harder than me.” Bernie Sanders

The crowd shouted profanities at the two protesters, and wanted to know why the police didn’t make any arrests. The event organizers eventually shut down the rally themselves, and Mr. Sanders left the stage, greeting supporters along the way.

How did they get so close?

The U.S. Secret Service is only authorized to protect the top Presidential Candidates 120 days before the election. Which is why people like Rick Perry have the Luttrell brothers, and The Donald has his own security force. As a former First Lady (and I use the term loosely), Clinton gets Secret Service Protection. Apparently, Mr. Sanders needs some help.

Police should have made arrests- for disorderly conduct, if nothing else. Letting people get that close to ANY Presidential candidate, whether we like them or not, is a bad sign. That he was willing to give them the microphone to placate them is totally foolish.

That said, Senator Sanders is not a leader – that much is obvious in the way he reacted and could not regain control. But then, that’s the liberal way – let everyone do what they want.

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