Author of Fake News Sites Is Unhinged Liberal Loony Tune


Most of you have seen the list of “fake news sites” that was posted on the internet this last week.  You saw such names as Breitbart, Project Veritas and other conservative sites.  Now, you will get to see the mentally unbalanced liberal loony tune who posted the list because she didn’t like the sources her students were using for papers for the class she teaches.

So what does this psycho teach?  Would you believe “fat studies.”  She has only been teaching for 15 months.  If you are like me, you might be wondering why students in “fat studies” would be citing Project Veritas.

Merrimack College assistant professor Melissa Zimdars, author of the “fake news” list circulated online (Photo: Twitter)

The mainstream media are going wild circulating a viral list of so-called “fake news” websites – and the list includes established news sites like WND, Zero Hedge, Breitbart, Red State, the Daily Wire and Project Veritas – but WND has found a leftist, Trump-bashing assistant professor in Massachusetts who specialized in “fat studies” is behind the effort to target and discredit legitimate news organizations.

Meet Merrimack College Assistant Professor Melissa Zimdars, a 30-something self-identified feminist and activist who has expressed great dislike for President-elect Donald Trump and Vice President-elect Mike Pence.

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