Astronomer for NM State Univ. sentences Trump, Pence to death for climate change in future trial

On Monday, John Gilkison, a professionally-trained astronomer who works for the New Mexico State University in Las Cruses, posted an article that can only be described as liberal “death porn.”  In it, he fantasizes about trials set in the future in which a number of people are sentenced to death for not buying into climate change dogma and not taking the kind of action he would like.  Among those listed — and the list is quite long — are President Trump and Vice President Pence.

He began with this disclaimer:

Hypothetical Climate Crimes trials projected to held in the year 2029 as a stark warning to humanity we do not want to let things go until we reach such an impasse. This story is meant to be a cautionary tale.

Yeah, right.

Is America headed for a recession?

He continued:

(Authors note the year 2029 was chosen here primarily to make this future trial coincide with the life times of the participants in these crimes. A later date like 2049 would find most of these criminals deceased from old age.)

Crimes against humanity are already covered by the London Accords ratified in August of 1945. Ironically only the bombing of Nagasaki falls under the London Accords, and war crimes preceding this date can be argued to have been adjudicated under ex post facto law.

The London Accords can be interrupted to apply to crimes against humanity that do not necessarily result from war crimes generally, but are being applied here to crimes that result from decisions made by corporate managers and heads of state (covering for corporate managers) to protect their profits, but resulted in this case in environmental degradation that destroyed the life supporting capacity of the planet and shortened or terminated the lives of millions or even billions of people.

After listing oil and electric utility executives, and executives of auto manufacturers and companies like General Electric, he went after political figures:

The verdicts came down in August of 2029. Sentenced to death for the critical roles they played in retarding any meaning action to mitigate climate change in the United States were as follows.

Sen. James Inhofe, Marc Morano (CFACT), Chris Horner (CEI), Myron Ebell (CEI), Steve Milloy (CEI), Patric Michaels (Cato Institute), Bjorn Lomborg (CCC), Matt Ridley (CWPF), Christopher Monckton, Fred Singer, Roy Spenser.

Lamar Smith (R-Texas), Donald Trump (President 2017-19), Mike Pence (President 2019-21), Ken Blackwell (Head Domestic Issues (2017-21), Ben Carson (HUD), Myron Bell (EPA), Michael Flynn (was already in prison), Nikki Haley UN Ambassador), Mike Pompeo (CIA), Rick Perry (Secretary of Energy), Reince Priebus (Chief of Staff Trump admin briefly), Scott Pruitt (EPA Admin), Thomas Pyle (DOE), Jeff Sessions (Attorney General under Trump), Rex Tillerson (Secretary of State-Trump), Ryan Zinke (Sec of Interior).

You may note here that the death sentences handed down were heavily weighted towards the Trump/Pence Administration 2017-21 but there was a cogent reason for this. It was determined that after the ratification of the Paris Accords in December of 2016 that the new Trump Administration withdrew the United States from them in May of 2017. This act at this most critical juncture with little or no Carbon Budget left cemented in Abrupt Climate Change for the whole planet although the USA only represented only 25% of the emissions. This was enough to damage irretrievably the momentum coming out of the Paris Accords and to cause other countries setting on the fence to back off their efforts even if they did not publically (sic) announce.

Included in his list is Marc Morano, who is neither a politician nor a policy-maker.  He’s a blogger whose been leading the way in the struggle against climate activists like Gilkison along with other notable figures like Lord Christopher Monckton, the 3rd Viscount Monckton of Brenchley.

Here’s video of Monckton facing off with Greenpeace activists:

The “cautionary tale” continued:

When it was all done 32 oil company executives received a total of 640 years, three of them were hanged. Some 36 electric utility company executives received a total of 720 years of sentences, and four of them we hanged. Pretty much half of all the Republican congressmen serving from 1980 to 2020 was sentenced to either 20 year sentences or in the case of the ring leaders like Inhofe or Tom Delay received life sentences. It was felt that it would cast too much of a pall over future legislative efforts to pass death sentences on them but the court wanted to send a message. In total over 6,000 years of jail time was awarded to over 230 individuals in both the House and Senate serving from 1980 to 2020. Likewise in Europe and Japan another 2,500 years of sentencing was passed down on legislators in this part of the world for officers serving for the same time frames.

As noted above Donald Trump and Pence were hanged but generally heads of governments were given either 20 year sentences or life sentences depending upon the severity of their involvement in delaying climate change legislation. Surprisingly GW Bush was only given a 20 year sentence.

Former President Bill Clinton and Vice President Al Gore were given five years in his fantasy, apparently with little or no regard to Gore’s activism in this area.

Placing himself in this future scenario, Gilkison cheered the sentences:

As a citizen (USA) born in 1950 I have lived for the majority of the time in question 1980-2020 and I was very gratified to see these trials and sentences including the death sentences in many instances.

However the Climate Crimes trials of 2029 as palliative as they feel to many do not change the material facts that we are locked in Abrupt Climate Change and the prospects for humanity are not good. The potential exist for human extinction in the next twenty years so in a sense we all have been handed down a death sentence. Where were the radical efforts to mitigate climate change in 1990 and beyond?

He ended his post with this statement, perhaps as a way to avoid potential legal issues:

(Author’s note, the whimsical science fiction piece is meant to be illustrative only. I am not recommending we hold such mass trails yet. I am encouraging everyone who can to vote with their wallet, and to vote at the ballot box for policies that won’t back us collectively into the corner outlined above. As impossible as the trials outlined above may seem they should not be discounted entirely. The best case would be if they do not come to pass.)

Whimsical?  Hardly.

Morano wrote: “These types of death threats and calls for trials for climate skeptics is a continuation of the climate movements call to stop any dissent.”

And it’s not the first time that climate activists have suggested jailing or exterminating those with whom they disagree.

As we reported in March, Monty Pyhon’s Eric Idle suggested that climate skeptics be “executed humanely.”  The New York Times once suggested killing climate skeptics with icicles.  Alleged “science guy” Bill Nye once suggested throwing climate skeptics in jail.

And it wasn’t that long ago that climate scientists called for a RICO investigation of those who question climate dogma.

Which leads us to wonder: What is it with liberals wanting everyone they disagree with dead?

Could it be that liberalism really is an ideology of bloodthirsty rage and hate?


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