Anti-NRA group suggests Nazi-like ID badges for gun owners –Video

In a video posted by the Facebook page, Hunters Against NRA, “Skylar B.” suggested identifying gun owners in the same way that Nazis identified Jews — with badges that contain all of the gun owner’s information.

“An extension to the Gun Census Program, the Gun Owner ID Badge Program will be a legal and MANDATORY requirement for all gun owners and former gun owners convicted of gun-related crimes,” Skylar says on Facebook.

“The badge will have basic information, photo ID, a QR code and whether or not the individual is concealing a firearm. This is something that will be made possible if the Gun Census program passes and to do this, we will need to come out to the polls EN MASSE THIS NOVEMBER,” he added.

The idea, he implied, is to ostracize gun owners from the rest of society.

“We need to know who the potential mass murderers are,” he said, while promoting the campaign of someone called “Brother Milky,” an individual he never fully identified.

This is the fourth video Skylar has posted in recent days.  In addition to the gun census program, he also suggested garnishing the wages of gun owners as reparations for shootings and he suggested a gun property tax.

As with the other videos, Skylar posted a warning to those who might share his insane video:

ATTENTION: As per our lawyer Andy…You are NOT ALLOWED TO SHARE THIS IF YOU ARE PRO NRA OR PRO GUN. This goes for sharing to groups, pages or your personal profile. Please keep the comments positive and constructive and do not comment more than 2 or 3 times a person. Also stop following the page if you are troll. This is the same as cyber-stalking.

Here’s the video:

It’s not known if Skylar is serious with these ideas or not, and some suggested that his is a parody account.

Others, however, take him seriously, and see him and his ideas as extremely dangerous.

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Skylar–stop being a freaking Facist–unless you repeal the entire bill of rights-none of your proposals pass muster and you are the troll. The id you want copies the stars Jews were required to wear in Nazi Germany. Since none of your proposals will disarm criminals–you are putting innocent lives in danger,” one person said.


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