Another False Claim of Racism Against the Police

blandgrabDorothy Bland, dean of the journalism school at the University of North Texas, appears to have been caught in a lie.  (Do you think she’ll be Hillary’s running mate?)  Bland, who lives in an upscale neighborhood in Corinth, was out running early one Sunday morning when she was stopped by two local policemen.  After the encounter, she took to social media, telling anyone who would listen that she was stopped for being black and wearing a hoodie.  She claimed that the police flashed their lights as their siren roared.

Bland wrote an article for the Dallas Morning News.  In it she complained about being stopped for no other reason than she was black.  She claimed she asked the officers why they stopped her but they couldn’t give her an answer.

Here is an excerpt from the story she wrote:

Although I am not related to Sandra Bland, I thought about her, Freddie Gray and the dozens of others who have died while in police custody. For safety’s sake, I posted the photo of the officers on Facebook, and within hours, more than 100 Facebook friends spread the news from New York to California.

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“You are now in the company of Henry Louis Gates and others with the same experience,” wrote one of my former students from Florida. “We must stop racial profiling.”

For anyone who doesn’t think racial profiling happens, I can assure you it does happen. For a sanity check, I stopped by the mayor’s house and asked him, “Do I look like a criminal?” Mayor Bill Heidemann said no and shook his head in disbelief. I appreciate the mayor being a good neighbor, but why should he need to verify that I am not a menace to society?

Oh, poor baby.  She is such a martyr.  Actually, she is such a liar, which seems to be a redundant theme among certain individuals caught acting inappropriately.

Now, here’s what really happened, backed up by the dash cam video recorded from the patrol car and explained by Corinth Police Chief Debra Walthall.  The patrolmen had seen Bland running earlier but never considered stopping her until she was nearly run over by a truck as she was running in the middle of the street with ear buds on that prevented her from hearing the traffic.

The driver of the truck motioned to the policemen, who then stopped Bland…………..without sirens blaring.  When she asked why she was stopped, the policemen told her about her close call and suggested that she run on the sidewalk or at least facing traffic, where she could see oncoming traffic.  They did ask her for identification as running in the middle of the street is a crime and they normally ask to see ID in those cases even when they are issuing a warning or as in this case, suggesting a safer way to run.

Walthall explained:

“…unaware that there was a pickup truck directly behind her that had to almost come to a complete stop to avoid hitting her.”

“The driver of the truck looked at the officers as they passed and held his hands in the air, which implied ‘aren’t you going to do something about this?’  The officers turned around and drove behind Ms. Bland.”

“Ms. Bland had been observed earlier by these same officers, but she was not in the street and impeding traffic, so she was not contacted.”

“Impeding traffic is a Class C misdemeanor, and it is our policy to ask for identification from people we encounter for this type violation.  I am surprised by her comments as this was not a confrontational encounter but a display of professionalism and genuine concern for her safety.”

Until police start arresting these liars and the DAs prosecute them, every encounter with the police will be deemed a racist attack.


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