Analysis: America Now Like Chinese Police State In Terms Of Controlling, Censoring, and Punishing Populace For Dissident Behavior

(Natural News) The only way the Biden Regime had a chance of taking over the US government was with the help of Communist China. There was no other way to win (steal) the election and run the scamdemic in full swing. That meant having complete control of the mass media, all of social media, Google, YouTube, most newspapers, and nearly every hospital in the country.

The communists in Washington DC also needed to set some extreme “examples” of what happens to anyone who opposes this administration, and that is why the January 6th “insurrectionists” are still in jail, just like all political dissidents in China. It’s a wonder the CCP/Biden Regime has not already harvested the organs of those prisoners to sell on the black market.

Commissars now run the American mass media complex and the Covid scamdemic that keeps most Americans in a vaxxed stupor of compliance

Commissars are officials of the Communist Party, especially in the former Soviet Union and present-day China, who are responsible for political organization and misinformation (reeducation using propaganda). Commissars now run all of the mass media and social media in America, just like in China, and just as aggressively.

Most Americans, if told this right now, would call it conspiracy theory, and they would be dead wrong. They have no clue just how much information is hidden from them in order to keep them oblivious, silent and compliant.

Will Donald Trump win the 2024 election?

Communist media takeover equals complete mind control over 200 million Americans

Most Americans believe everything they see and hear on mass media. They can’t even begin to fathom that they are being lied to right and left, about everything from war to sickness, and from vaccines to prescription medications. Here are some “conspiracy theories” that have turned out to be true just in the past few years, turning America quickly into a communist-media-controlled society where most of the populace is so censored and confused they can’t see the forest for the trees.

  • Most Americans think street cameras and Google Earth photos are just for traffic and real estate information.
  • Most Americans have no idea that any facts or opinions that go against the mainstream narrative are banned, blocked, censored and blacklisted on all of social media.
  • People have no clue that businesses selling natural remedies and true patriots expressing their freedom of speech are bankrupted off YouTube, Google Ads and social media advertising/podcasts by not being allowed to make money on those media venues.
  • Pharma shills are paid thousands to bad mouth and discredit any remedies, opinions, people or organizations that actually help fight/beat Covid or try to keep elections fair.
  • History is being rewritten, and even as it happens, by fake news MSM and the pharma-run US government.
  • Punishments for not complying with the communist Biden Regime and the Covid Scamdemic include imprisonment without trial (or even legitimate charges brought) and forced vaccination (or lose your job, ability to shop, right to travel, etc.).
  • Many members of Congress are banned on social media for simply stating the truth and/or their opinions that defy the narrative about Covid and fair elections especially.
  • Social media giants never justify why they censor and ban conservative and patriotic voices, they just say it goes against “community guidelines.”
  • There are ZERO checks and balances for mass media, social media, Google, YouTube, and they have a clear monopoly on communication with the majority of Americans on several different levels.

Here’s Steve Kirsch’s chart on the differences in censorship methods used right now in the US vs. China:

The so-called “Black Mirror” of Communist China is here. Stay tuned and stay frosty. Tune your internet to Censored.news (And this site — Ed.) for huge swaths of truth news that’s being censored from the rest of media as you read this.

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