America’s Number One Immigrant

Melania Trump, America's Favorite Immigrant.

I just watched a one minute video that was one of the most beautiful Christmas videos of the year. It was Melania Trump, America’s favorite immigrant, showing how the White House is decorated for this Christmas season.
My attention was drawn to the video by the usual tirades of the sore loser left. They were calling the Melania video dark and creepy, like something out of “The Shining”. Normally I don’t click anything related to the left because it is rarely good, but I clicked that video and found myself impressed and proud of our White House.

Melania Trump is the classiest First Lady the USA has ever had. As First Lady, she is also America’s “first Immigrant”, a wonderful example of someone who came to the USA legally.  She obeyed all the laws and made herself quite a success.
The First Lady is obviously no stranger to hard work. She is fluent in five languages and worked her way up to be a top model before being pursued and eventually captured by Donald Trump. She is a perfect example of the American dream. And the left hate her for that.

The USA has been under attack via the illegal swarming of foreigners into the nation. Many of them criminals and/or religious extremists. And to make it worse, the criminal invaders are lavished with benefits by our own government. Rewarding criminal behavior is outrageous and I am furious that our tax dollars are being used to promote criminality.

The left are furious that we now have a “legal” immigrant living in the White House. The firestorm of criticism against Donald and Melania Trump has been horrible. Every day they are subjected to a relentless barrage of slander and lies intended to destroy them personally and professionally.
One man on Facebook wrote that “if Donald Trump cured cancer, the left would complain that he is promoting overpopulation.”

As an American, I love immigrants! To me, an immigrant is a person from a foreign nation who is eager to become an American. Whenever I hear a foreign accent, I say hello and inquire of their background. I have traveled and worked in many places around the world and I love meeting interesting people who love the USA just as I do.
But the “illegals” that are being brought in by the tens of thousands are not making the USA a better place. The fact that their first act upon arriving in the USA is to break our laws makes them terrible citizens from day one.
The only reason the illegal criminal trespassers are not prosecuted and deported is because they tend to vote Democrat. So, the corrupt Democrat Party protects the criminals and lavishes them with our tax dollars. Shameful.

There are a million ladies around the world with the same attitude and class as Melania Trump. Lets find them and replace the un-American criminal trespassers of the left.

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