Actress Ellen Barkin to N.C. lawmakers on pro-life bill: ‘GO F**K YOURSELVES’

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Ellen BarkinEllen Barkin, the far-left wing actress who once declared that Americans belong to Barack Obama, demonstrated what passes for liberal “logic” on the issue of abortion when she issued a profane tweet directed at pro-life lawmakers in North Carolina after passage of a bill making abortions safer in that state.

“Please forgive me for my tardiness and lack of an imaginative, creative response…North Carolina state legislators…GO F**K YOURSELVES,” she wrote.

Naturally, some of her supporters used the same level of reasoning to oppose pro-life bills in other states.

“Tell that to the Texas f**ks too,” said “Mitchell.”

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Examiner added:

The Associated Press said the state Senate voted 29-12 on a measure that would force health regulators to change abortion clinic rules so they’re similar to those for ambulatory surgery centers.


According to the AP, the bill would “prohibit gender-selective abortions, restrict abortion insurance coverage and require a physician to be physically present during an entire surgical abortion and when a woman takes an abortion-inducing drug such as RU-486.”

Twitchy said the language was tacked on to an anti-Sharia bill.  So, either Barkin supports unsafe abortion or she supports Sharia law.  Who knows, maybe she supports both.

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