A Letter to Anti-American Protesters

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Sore losers demonstrate against Donald Trump victory. [Screen grab: YouTube, CNN]
Hello, fellow human being who will be spending the next two to three days out protesting my vote in the constitutional republic that we live in. While you are holding up signs and harassing people, like me, we will be working hard and trying to provide for our families, like we do every other day. While you are out on the streets or at the many parks or monuments in our nation’s capital protesting my choice and the choice of all those like me, we will be feeling real hope, for the first time in much longer than 8 years.

While you and those like you are marching, protesting, rioting to make sure we know exactly how much you hate us and everyone like us, we will be toiling on to make our businesses successful. We will be going to work every day, paying our taxes and waiting for the changes that we know will benefit you too. While you talk about how this isn’t your America or perhaps how us and all of those like us don’t deserve to be here, we will be continuing to try to build something to help this country recover.

Our choice on November 8th was made for all Americans. We, by and large, researched the issues and we saw the writing on the wall. We knew that our country could not survive laboring under a $12 trillion deficit. We thought about our families, but we also thought about yours, when we made our choice. You made a choice that wasn’t for us based on the policies that were presented — not only was it not for us, but it wanted to take more from us and our children. Our choice takes nothing from you. Our choice gives back to every single American citizen.

While you protest and riot and scream at the top of your lungs about how much you hate us, we will continue to do what is right for every single American, as a whole, and years from now we know we won’t get a thank you. We know you won’t have a light bulb moment and realize that we were fighting against your hate and the hate of everyone like you to give our country a chance for a future. The choice we made represented the hard changes that have to happen for this country to survive, based on the numbers and the harsh reality of the state our country is in.

Will this presidential election be the most important in American history?

Doing the right thing doesn’t always feel good and sometimes that’s how you know it’s the right thing. Parents know this, responsible adults know this, and most reasonable grown-ups know this. Doing the right thing doesn’t always give you warm fuzzies and it’s not always in line with what you WANT. Sometimes it is about what you need. That’s what our choice represents. So while you’re out protesting and marching and rioting I want you to know you are bemoaning what we as a country need because you didn’t get what you want and what you wanted was not what this country needed.

We have reached a point in our country’s history in which we are faced with such a crisis of finance that we now must focus on the basic NEEDS of the people and the nation over the wants and though you don’t want to hear it, that free college you wanted is not necessary for survival. Our choice was made to see this country recover enough to be able to survive and then we can worry about wants, your vote was to take away other people’s ability to have basic survival so that you and others like you could have your wants fulfilled.

We couldn’t let that happen. So while you protest as the President of The United States is sworn in this next week we will be watching on with confidence that we made a choice for everyone and stopped the downfall of this country that allows you to protest. While you scream at, demean, intimidate, and harass all those like us. We will look back at you and know that we made a choice thinking about you and everyone else in this country. We stopped you, from putting a nail in the coffin of America for your wants and that is worth all the protest, riots and marches in the world.


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