Trump Forces Kim Jong Un To Back Down With His tail Between His legs

Proving once again why he was elected, President Donald Trump proved the liberal appeasement of two-bit dictators is the wrong way to handle a madman like Kim Jong Un.

Just recently, Susan Rice and Maxine Waters (A pair of jokers if I’ve seen any) urged the president to back down just like Clinton, Bush and Obama did, while North Korea made them look like harem eunuchs.  Clinton is famous for taking the advice of Jimmy Carter and Madeline “Notsobright” and he gave the North Koreans two nuclear reactors, fuel and $250 million in cash for a promise that they would not develop nuclear weapons.

Then North Korea loaded the US fuel into their US nuclear reactors and converted it to weapons grade material.  This is standard procedures for mind-numbed liberals.

They claim that killing ISIS soldiers creates more ISIS soldiers and by killing terrorists we create more terrorists.  How freaking stupid is that?  What if a conservative said we had to quit punishing rapists because it just creates more rapists?  Liberals would oppose that unless the rapists were Muslim, in  which case they would quite probably agree.

According to the Daily Caller:

North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un decided Tuesday not to fire ballistic missiles at Guam, reserving the right to change his mind if “the Yankees persist in their extremely dangerous reckless actions,” according to North Korean state media.

Kim appears to be attempting to de-escalate tensions to prevent conflict between the U.S. and North Korea. After the U.N. Security Council approved tougher sanctions against North Korea for its intercontinental ballistic missile tests, the North warned Wednesday that it was considering launching a salvo of ballistic missiles into waters around Guam in a show of force demonstrating an ability to surround the island with “enveloping fire.” That same day, President Donald Trump stressed that North Korean threats will be met with “fire and fury like nothing the world has ever seen.” For a week, the two sides hurled threats and warnings at each other repeatedly, leading some observers to conclude that the two sides were close to nuclear war.

But, Kim blinked.

I’ll bet he did more than blink.  He probably soiled his Depends and bit through his pacifier too.  He isn’t used to an American president willing to meet him head on.


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