Tolerance, liberal style: Pro-life flyers vandalized, posted with obscene gesture

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studentsforlifeNeed I say it again?  Apparently so.  Liberalism, boys and girls, is an ideology of rage and hate.  And yes, they prove it every single day.  Remember also, that when a liberal speaks of “tolerance,” he/she/it/whatever really means the exact opposite.

Today’s lesson involves posters put up by the pro-life Students for Life of America in what it calls the #WomenBetrayed National Day of Student Action.  Naturally, “tolerant” pro-abortion liberals can’t stomach the idea of political opponents engaging in free speech and did what they typically do — act like Marxist goons.

In this case, they tore the posters down, vandalized them and posted pictures with the obligatory obscene gesture.  Nice creatures, these liberals.

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Twitchy said:

This morning, though, student Tristan Justice awoke to find a tweet posted by the now-deleted AU Justice League showing a pile of the flyers torn down, complete with a middle finger.

Whoever owns the Twitter account responsible was so brave that he/she/it/whatever deleted the account rather than face any opposition.

Not only that, but it proves — yet again — our premise that liberalism is an ideology of rage and hate.

The College Fix had a simple question for American University, the site of this incident:

Don’t hold your breath.  Rules only apply to conservatives in today’s upside-down America, you see.

Students for Life has documented much more of this kind of terroristic activity.  Check out their Twitter feed and get educated.  Yes, this is Obama’s America.


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