Media, Dems, RINOs responsible for threats against Sen. Ted Cruz

tedcruzAuthorities are investigating threats that were issued against Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, on Twitter.  But in reality, authorities don’t need to look very far.

“Take down Ted Cruz, at his home,” tweeted an individual identified on Twitter as Troy Gilmore Jr., who also posted Cruz’s home address in Houston. “What goes around comes around CRUZ!!”

He also issued these tweets:

The threatening messages were also posted to a Facebook account that appears to belong to Gilmore:

gilmore1gilmore2Yeah, this is what liberals call civility…

This individual didn’t just target Cruz — he also went after other conservatives as well as the Tea Party.

From Examiner:

“We’re aware of it and have alerted the proper authorities,” said Cruz spokesman Sean Rushton. “I can’t comment further on security matters,” he added.

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Late Friday afternoon, The Hill said, Gilmore posted another apparent threat, saying Cruz “needs tobe (sic) taught a street wise (sic) lesson.”

A post at Weasel Zippers notes:

I’ve traced the picture used in the background for “Troy Gilmore’s” twitter account. The picture, which I will not repost, shows a black male who, in my estimation, looks at least in his forties or fifties, wearing, allegedly U.S. Marine attire. The tweeter claims to have served in both the Army and Navy, with a son in the Marines. So the pictures and the claims don’t match up, which means the name was probably likely just glommed by this tweeter to create his “vet personality” without any care at all as to the trouble he might cause for the real Mr. Gilmore.

The real culprits behind this threat may not have hit the enter key or issued the tweets, but they might as well have.

Since Cruz took a very public stand against Obamacare, he has been the target of a relentless campaign of hate from both sides of the political aisle, from President Obama to John McCain and Harry Reid to Peter King and the propagandists in the Democrat-media complex.  This is the result.

Whoever owns the account that issued the threats is directly responsible, certainly, but there’s a lot of accomplices, and they need to be held accountable.  At the very least, they need to acknowledge their part, apologize and tone down the rhetoric.

No doubt if Cruz had a “D” behind his name the left would be demanding much more than a pound of flesh.


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