WH petition calling for deportation of CNN’s Piers Morgan reaches 25,000 signature threshold

Piers-MorganA petition at the White House “We the People” website calling for the deportation of Piers Morgan, a British subject and CNN propagandist, has crossed the 25,000 signature threshold required for White House action.

The petition was placed online Friday and has over 29,000 signatures as of this writing.


Since the tragic Newtown school shootings, Morgan has engaged in a veritable jihad against the Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms and those who support gun rights.

He has berated pro-gun and pro-freedom advocates as “stupid” and called NRA CEO Wayne LaPierre a “dangerous, dim-witted, deluded menace to American safetyon Sunday.

Since the shootings, liberals — no doubt encouraged in part by Morgan’s rhetoric — have called for the murder of LaPierre and the four million members of the NRA.

One of those unhinged liberals was John Cobarruvias, an elected member of the Texas state Democratic Party Executive Committee, who wrote on his Facebook page that NRA members “need to [be] wiped off the face of the earth.”

The offensive comment has been removed from his page, but we managed to capture a screenshot of it:

wiped offAccording to the rules of the White House petition site, once a petition reaches 25,000 digital signatures, “White House staff will review it, ensure it’s sent to the appropriate policy experts, and issue an official response.”

We’re not holding our breath waiting to hear what the administration will say.


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Youlanda Geffrard says:

Since its debut, CNN has expanded its reach to a number of cable and satellite television companies, several websites, and specialized closed-circuit channels (such as CNN Airport Network). The company has 36 bureaus (10 domestic, 26 international), more than 900 affiliated local stations, and several regional and foreign-language networks around the world. The channel’s success made a bona-fide mogul of founder Ted Turner and set the stage for the Time Warner conglomerate’s eventual acquisition of Turner Broadcasting.;

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