Should an apology from a Democratic Party Executive Committee member cover calls for mass shootings?

CobarruviasOn Sunday, we reported at Examiner that liberals took to Twitter to issue death wishes against members of the NRA.

One of those who called for death against NRA members and supporters was one John Cobarruvias, an elected member of the Texas state Democratic Party Executive Committee.

“Can we now shoot the #NRA and everyone who defends them?” he tweeted.  The tweet has since been deleted, but was captured and posted at Big Jolly Politics.

He reiterated his “fatwa” on his Facebook page, saying that those who support the NRA “need to [be] wiped off the face of the earth.”

Remember, Cobarruvias is not your rank-and-file liberal, nor is he just some illiterate miscreant spewing trash on Twitter.

He is an elected member of a state Democratic Party Executive Committee.  As such, he holds some power within the Party.  Bryan Preston of PJMedia put it this way:

As a member of the Texas State Democratic Executive Committee, he is in a position to influence his party’s strategies, finances and legislative agenda.

On Monday, he issued an apology, of sorts.  It wasn’t a heartfelt “Gee, I really messed up and said something I shouldn’t have said” type of apology.  It was one of those “Sorry if anyone was offended by my call for murder” kind of apologies.

“My apologies to those I offended concerning the #nra,” he tweeted.  “My emotions on the subject got the better of me. It didn’t help.”  Gee, ya think?

Preston said he didn’t think the apology was “heartfelt,” and it’s easy to understand why.

“His call for the shooting of anyone who supports the NRA includes Texas’ governor, both of its senators, all of its other statewide officials and most elected members of the state’s legislature. His public threat against so many elected officials could constitute a terroristic threat,” he added.

So, should Cobarruvias’ apology be sufficient atonement for his earlier tweet, or should he face something more?

No doubt, if a Republican in his position had called for mass shootings of liberals or Democrats, the left would demand that person resign and publicly apologize.  Some would probably call for criminal charges.

At the very least, Cobarruvias should resign, since his actions do not show the judgment one would expect from a member of a state Party’s Executive Committee.   The state Party should also publicly apologize to all NRA members and supporters, including the elected officials Preston mentioned.  Voters in the state of Texas and elsewhere should also remember that this is the type of individual who runs today’s Democratic Party.

With his tweet, Cobarruvias proved our contention that liberalism is an ideology of genocidal hate and rage, and the fact that he is still in office proves the double standard that exists in today’s America.


K K says:

If any citizen or non-citizen in the United States makes a death threat toward any elected official shall be arrested by the FBI and charged with making death threats (A Felony) and sent to prison for some hard time, not some white collar minimum security hotel for the elite.
What is good for the voting public should also be good for politicians, Get rid of the Holy-er than thou attitude.

BJH says:

This character should be prosecuted for promoting violence. He occupies a
(Normally), responsible position, that requires fairness and equal treatment
of all citizens. All tax payers are paying his salary, so he should be removed from congress. He is unfit for public service !!!!!!

TruthandFreedom says:

Well because him like all the others who have forgotten or refuse to uphold their oath of office, they need to be removed from office and tried for treason!!!

Lucky3511 says:

Definitely, this lunatic should be prosecuted. He should also be removed from his post.There would be no debate for a conservative who made such a statement. They would be crucified. Let us stop this difference in expectations by party. Treat demoncrap as you would conservative.

American-American says:

an apology is not good enough. He needs to be brought up on charges of attempted murder. Nut jobs out there will act on it an he will have blood on his hands. Anyone who is pro gun control is advocating genocide. Look at the history of gun control. Confiscation precedes all genocides. Gun owners keep your guns we need you. This guy should be in prison.