Obama looks to revoke gun rights for seeing a shrink

Cabot’s American Joe the Red White and Blue 1911Critics of the Obama administration warned us this was coming, and now it’s here. He told Americans he was going to fundamentally transform America and that’s what he’s doing.

His “much-feared expansion” of taking gun rights away from law-abiding citizens is upon us. Through the use of mental health diagnosis, he’s cracking down on gun ownership.

Obama is on record through his Department of Homeland Security, vilifying the mental faculties of veterans returning from the combat zone, those who support third-party candidates and people with pro-life bumper stickers. According to him, you could be a right-wing extremist if you subscribe to any of the aforementioned ideas.

Today World Net Daily, (WND), is reporting, “Obama has announced his Department of Justice is proposing a rule change to gun ownership.” This would clarify the rules of gun ownership and cause the nullification of gun rights for some Americans. Under the rule if you’ve ever been committed to a mental institution you’re not fit to own a gun.

The rule change in gun ownership means if even you’ve seen a shrink your 2nd Amendment rights will become null and void. Like many rules and laws the politicians in America pass the meanings in this change is vague and hazy at best, so it has a broad scope of who it would affect.

Obama and his Department of Health and Human Services are looking to shoot down, pun intended, the privacy protections of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. This violation of privacy would give entities the permission to hand over your medical records that are requested by the federal government. According to the rule change this is information which would keep guns out of potentially dangerous hands.

Six months ago WND says they reported “on the alarms raised by various groups” concerning what Obama’s intentions were on this subject. WND says, “at the time, the Electronic Privacy Information Center, or EPIC, warned that the administration was widening the door for those subject to a “mental” deficiency definition, looking for ways to send people to a mental institution for “mental defectiveness or mental illness” or “for other reasons.”

EPIC further added, “the phrase ‘for other reasons’ is overly broad and vague,” EPIC said. “Although the DOJ has illustrated that drug use is an example of ‘commitments for other reasons,’ the nebulous language would grant the DOJ sweeping authority to prohibit individuals from possessing firearms, a constitutionally protected right.”

HHS should not be amending their regulations to release information about any citizens to the DOJ because the wording “for other reasons” is vague and broad. This could open the door for potential abuse, and allow the DOJ to keep certain individuals from exercising their Constitutional right to bear arms. All of us know the government is good at abusing our rights.

The acceleration by Obama, for gun control, came almost immediately following the tragedy at the Sandy Hook Elementary school in Dec. 2012. This is when gun-control advocates began relentlessly pressing for him to “close background check loopholes to keep guns out of dangerous hands” and ban military-style rifles and large capacity ammunition magazines.

After Sandy Hook was also when the cries to make our schools safer and improve mental health services.

At the Washington Times, commentator Michael E. Hammond said, “The real agenda of the gun-hating Obama administration is to strip gun rights from law-abiding Americans, even if the result is to discourage people from seeking counseling.”

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