You’ll Never Guess Who Obama is Endorsing For 2020

Barack Obama and his minions have selected their presidential candidate for 2020.  That has been the kiss of death during Obama’s eight years abusing his office.  Remember in 2009?  There were four important elections.

The two gubernatorial races and two House seats.  The Republicans snatched up the governor seats and one of the House seats.  Obama campaigned for three of the candidates.  The only Democrat to win that year was the one candidate Obama didn’t campaign for.

That same pattern continued all through his two terms in office.  That’s why I was so glad when he campaigned for Hillary.  Somehow, you knew she’d lose.  Of course, you might be hard pressed to blame that on Obama since Hillary ran a terrible campaign.  Over the years, Democrats have been deathly afraid Obama would campaign for them.

Now, Obama has selected his candidate for 2020, Deval Patrick, the former governor of Massachusetts.  He has a lot in common with Obama.  He’s a male and not a female like Obama hates.  He’s black.  And last but not least, he’s corrupt.

According to Politico:

Barack Obama is nudging him to run. His inner circle is actively encouraging it. Obama world’s clear and away 2020 favorite is sitting right here, on the 38th floor of the John Hancock Building, in a nicely decorated office at Bain Capital.

And Deval Patrick has many thoughts on what he says is Donald Trump’s governing by fear and a dishonest pitch for economic nostalgia, while encouraging a rise in casual racism and ditching any real commitment to civil rights.

Obama strategist David Axelrod has had several conversations with Patrick about running, and eagerly rattles off the early primary map logic: small-town campaign experience from his 2006 gubernatorial run that will jibe perfectly with Iowa, neighbor-state advantage in New Hampshire and the immediate bloc of votes he’d have as an African-American heading into South Carolina.

Valerie Jarrett, Obama’s close adviser and friend, says that a President Patrick is what “my heart desires.”

Patrick maintained a slush fund of 37.5 million dollars that he illegally transferred from other state accounts that he used for luxury travel:

Democrats and Republicans in the Legislature have begun their probe of the former democratic governor turned hedge fund manager for Bain Capital, once headed up by his fellow former Gov. Mitt Romney.

As uncovered by the Boston Herald on Friday, the former governor enjoyed dozens of trade missions abroad at public expense but without legislative approval. His administration is purported to have shoveled as much as $27 million into off-budget accounts from the Massachusetts Convention Center Authority, Massport and the Mass Tech Collaborative, all quasi-independent agencies.

Both Massport, the state’s port authority, and Mass Tech Collaborative, the venture seeking to bring Israeli tech firms to Massachusetts, paid $1.75 million for Patrick’s trade trips.

This amount includes $535,558 for hotels, $332,193 for airfare, $305,976 for limos and more than $175,000 on other expenses.

He also spent a whopping $11.3 million to renovate his office.  I think you could do a lot of renovating for that kind of money:

 THE GOVERNOR’S State House digs just underwent “a museum quality” makeover.

It cost $11.3 million, ran $2 million over budget, and brings Deval Patrick’s interior decorating muse full circle.

When Patrick first took office, he was criticized for spending $27,000 of taxpayer money on new curtains and furniture. As he exits eight years later, he leaves behind a renovated suite that features historically accurate crown moldings and paint color, along with six plasma screen TVs and the equipment necessary for not-yet-installed facial recognition security cameras.

A Boston Globe news story says the makeover shows respect for the building’s history and tradition, by “marrying its 1798 heritage with modern necessities.” A Boston Herald headline calls it “Deval Deluxe.’’ There’s truth to both sentiments.

Imagine what he could do with a 4 trillion dollar budget.  He might even surpass Obama’s record in overspending and using funds meant for other departments to fund his liberal projects that Congress did not approve.


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