Yale Establishes Terrorist Funded Sharia Law Center

ec11I guess it should come as no surprise after Yale hired DeRay McKesson as a teacher in transformational leadership, that the university should open a Sharia law school, funded by a bank founded by Osama bin Laden and associates and currently run by a billionaire who allegedly funds Al Qaeda throughout the world.

The first question I would have is why is there a need for a Sharia law school in America?  We do not recognize Sharia law.  Is it to indoctrinate students into recognizing the need to create Sharia-like laws into our system of jurisprudence?

The school is being given ten million dollars for starters by Saudi banker Saleh Abdullah Kamel.  Kamel is a billionaire, who has made a fortune in Sharia-compliant loans.

Muslims are not allowed to earn or pay interest and therefore a creative mechanism of fees were created to take the place of interest for Muslims who want to purchase, say, a house or a car.  The fees are equal to what would have been charged as interest.

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