ISIS Kidnaps Residents After Rare Street Protest

isisflagsIs there trouble in the Islamic State’s Evil Kingdom?  Hundreds of residents of the Iraqi town of Ar- Rutbah staged a rare street protest against the Islamic State on Saturday.

And they paid for it dearly…but they did it anyway.  Seventy of them were “detained” – kidnapped – by the terrorist group.

Ar-Rutbah in Anbar Province

Hundreds of residents staged a street demonstration on Saturday to protest the execution of Munir al-Kobeisi, a local resident and “civil servant”  who killed an ISIS member early Saturday. The killing was the result of what news media described as a “long standing blood feud between clans.”

street protest
A street protest in ar-Rutbah, Iraq prompted an ISIS crackdown on dissidents

The afternoon street protest enraged the Islamic State, which moved immediately to crack down on the dissents. They tied dozens of local residents to light poles for over 24 hours sparking fears of a massacre  through the community.

The militants also “detained” 70 dissidents and whisked them off to parts unknown. They may pay for their demonstration with their lives. No one seems to know where they were taken.

The Huffington Post wrote,

A provincial Anbar official said Saturday some 70 residents were detained by the militants and more than 100 more were tied to streetlight poles for about 24 hours as a punishment.

Rutbah’s mayor, Imad al-Rishawy, said that around 200 residents are still held by the Islamic State group at an unknown location and that the town is gripped by fears that they might be killed.

Zero-Tolerance states

History is filled with zero-tolerance states which crack down heavily on dissidents- example, Tiananmen Square in Bejing, China. On June 3-4, 1989, Chinese students had occupied the Square for seven weeks after the death of a popular reformer. Martial law was declared on May 20, 1989 and at least 300,000 Chinese troops were deployed to Bejing.

With rifles and tanks, the Chinese military mowed down hundreds, perhaps thousands of protesters. It slowed, but did not stop the movement. No one is allowed to talk about it now… the Communist regime has attempted to remove that part of history from their consciousness.

In 2014, thousands of protesters in Hong Kong took to the streets in defiance of the government, and demanded democratic elections. They did it again in early 2015, even with the risks.

Iran – North Korea more examples of zero tolerance states. Places where any hint of problems can land people in horrific prisons, or where beatings take place on a daily basis…or worse, death by public hangings or anti-aircraft guns, or any number of other barbaric methods.

“The nearer any disease approaches to a crisis, the nearer it is to a cure. [Danger and deliverance make their advances together; and it is only in the last push that one or the other takes the lead.] Thomas Paine

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