WTF? DOJ Punishes Company For Discrimination That Refused to Hire Illegal Aliens

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immigration-PolicyPerhaps it’s my fault for failing to recognize that we no longer live in the United States but in Obama’s Transformational Transylvania.

Hiring illegal aliens is in itself illegal, therefore how can you punish a company for complying with the law?  The answer is simple………..and idiotic.  Since the government can’t openly force you to hire illegal aliens, they simply disallow you to ask for proof of citizenship.  So, how can you tell if they are illegal if you can’t verify it?  You ask them and if they say “Si,” you can’t question it.

What happens if an American president gets elected in 2016?  Would they be able to punish Nebraska Beef Ltd for having illegal aliens on the payroll?

Nebraska Beef Ltd was fined $200,000 and forced to create a trust fund from which to pay illegal aliens who were refused employment for being illegal.  (Duct taped your head yet?)  They also had to promise to put into place a program whereby no applicant can be asked to prove their legal status in the US.

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