Wisconsin Students Told to Cover 2A T-Shirts Depicting Firearms

Three Wisconsin students in different schools were told to cover up their Second Amendment T-shirts because they depicted guns. Kettle Moraine High School and the Neenah Middle School told three students that they would have to wear their jackets over the t-shirts. But a court case in 2018 in Markesan, Wisconsin granted an injunction against that school because the First Amendment argument was likely to succeed.  Somebody wasn’t paying attention. A lawsuit has been filed on behalf of the Wisconsin students.

wisconsin students
T-shirts worn by the students via jsonline. Photos were submitted to the media outlet

The Markesan case in 2018 was supported by Wisconsin Carry, Inc., whose president is Nik Clark. He was surprised that Kettle Moraine and Neenah paid no attention to the ruling. The Pro-2A group is also sponsoring this current lawsuit for the Wisconsin students.

“There is so much demonization of guns by public schools (these prohibitions as just one example) but also public schools SANCTIONED multiple walkouts the past couple years to call for gun control, but a kid can’t wear a shirt showing his gun pride?” Nik Clark in an email to the Milwaukee Sentinel

Principal Beth Kaminski is the only person named in the lawsuit at Kettle Moraine. She is the one who reportedly told the boys their shirts violated the school’s dress code. But according to the lawsuit, the school district dress code makes no such distinction. It appears that the school is picking and choosing what it wants, since the school’s trap team can wear shirts showing the clay targets exploding.

If the school has a trap team, then guns are a part of the school’s activities, and whether or not a student wears a shirt depicting a firearm should be irrelevant. It would be different if the shirt was violent in nature or had wording that promoted or advocated violence, but these students did not have any such thing.

Clark stated that he has encouraged students to wear pro 2a shirts on Tuesdays, and post them on social media. There are prizes for the best posts.

The Journal Sentinel reported,

Tara Lloyd said her son won the WI Carry Inc. T-shirt from the group for having the best #2ATuesday post earlier in the year. 

“My son is outspoken,” she said. “He knows his rights. He’s very smart. They’re making a stand, so all the other kids can be protected by the First Amendment as well.”

Lloyd, of Genesee, said she attended Kettle Moraine schools through graduation and is now “ashamed of how liberal it has gotten and the agendas it’s pushing.”

Kettle Moraine School District Superintendent Pat Deklotz claimed that the courts have recognized that it’s ok for them to regulate the shirts, which are not “free speech.” He is wrong on a bunch of different levels. The Markesan ruling is just one of them. That court ruled the t-shirt WAS Free Speech.

Neenah Middle School

A Middle School student filed a lawsuit against Shattuck Middle School Associate Principal David Sonnabend for also telling him to cover his shirt. The lawsuit states that the boy owns several 2A shirts and enjoys hunting and shooting, and “believes in the value to society of personal possessions as guaranteed by the Second Amendment.”

As of Feb 23, the Neenah Joint School District said it has not seen the lawsuit.

Schools across the nation are not only constantly undermining the 2nd Amendment, but are causing harm to students who participate in shooting sports, and believe in the 2A.

U.S. District Judge Lynn Adelman said in his decision in the Markesan case that “Even short deprivations of First Amendment rights constitute irreparable harm,” according to Cam Edwards at Bearing Arms.

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