Wisconsin school officials ban children’s books by Rush Limbaugh, label them ‘inappropriate’

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Rush Limbaugh book banned by school district
Rush Limbaugh book banned by Wisconsin school district — YouTube

On Tuesday, the Badger Pundit said that school officials in Marshall, Wisconsin, banned children’s books written by conservative talk show host Rush Limbaugh, claiming the books are “inappropriate.”  This despite the fact that his first book actually received an award.

According to Badger Pundit:

Two years ago Wisconsin talk-radio host Vicki McKenna broke a story, which quickly went national, about Wisconsin school officials who bullied an 11-year-old boy, threatening to expel him for bringing a “virtual gun” to his virtual (i.e., home) school. His offense? Displaying a tiny picture of a gun, with an American flag, on the computer which he used only at home — an image viewable by no other student. See blog posts here, here, and here.

Now Vicki has broken the story of Wisconsin school officials who are bullying a 6-year-old boy. His offense? Bringing to school the latest book in the bestselling children’s book series on American history, “Adventures of Rush Revere,” written by Rush Limbaugh (with his wife Kathryn). The book, just published, is Rush Revere and the Presidency.

As Matt, the boy’s father, explained to Vicki during her November 18 afternoon (Madison) show, school officials in Marshall, Wisconsin, regard anything written by Rush Limbaugh as “inappropriate material” — even though the series has received rave reviews, and Rush won the 2013 “Author of the Year” award at the Children’s Choice Book Awards, for his first book in the series.

Here’s video of Vicki discussing this issue:

On Wednesday, Limbaugh discussed the ban on his program, noting that there’s nothing political in any of these books:

There’s more here, including contact information of the officials in question.

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This is what liberals mean by “tolerance” and “diversity…”

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