White Powder Delivered to CAIR Offices

 An envelope containing white powder was delivered to the Capitol CAIR office in Washington DC on Thursday, along with a letter that read “Die a painful death, Muslims.” It came addressed to an employee who had not worked there in two years.

About 20 employees were evacuated, and three who came in contact with the envelope directly were held in the office as the investigation was completed and the substance tested.

The all-clear came about an hour after the initial evacuation. The substance tested negative for being toxic.

“It’s frightening to experience the hate manifest itself to such a real level. This will not deter us from continuing to protect the civil rights and liberties of all Americans.” Maha Sayed, CAIR staff attorney

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Sayed states that the group receives “hate messages daily.”

 white powder
White powder was delivered to two separate CAIR officers over the weekend- Twitter photo

Not just one CAIR office

The CAIR office in Santa Clara, CA was also evacuated Thursday after white powder inside an envelope was delivered. The employees were taken to the hospital as a precaution, and authorities decontaminated the building. In that instance, the substance had not been identified at the time, but was later deemed “benign.”

What if?

What he/she will end up doing is cause more heat to come down on ordinary Americans. So it begs the question… when all the liberals were shrieking “hate crime” as black churches were torched earlier in the year, it turned out to be a black person was the perpetrator.

Is this case of a wannabe patriot who thinks he’s doing us all a favor? Or…is it someone who wants everyone to think “Islamophobe” and it’s really one of their own?  Things that make you go hmmm…


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