What’s this? Another Jan. 6 Dragnet Of Up To 1,200 Americans?

You had to read between the lines in the subscription-protected Washington Post to learn how the gangsters at the Justice Department are planning yet another Jan. 6 dragnet more than two years after the “insurrection” at the Capitol.

I’m not kidding. No joke, as Joe Biden says.

There’s apparently no time limit for Attorney General Merrick Garland to go after a massive group of non-violent protesters of the fraudulent 2020 election – just like there is none, apparently, for grabbing President Donald Trump for an indictment in New York on an unrelated witch-hunt planned by District Attorney Alvin Bragg.

Fox’s Tucker Carlson reported Wednesday night that in addition to the big news that Trump is, just now, facing another absurd persecution for something that happened years before his 2016 election as president, there’s about to be a massive new bust of his followers who peacefully protested on Jan. 6.

Will this presidential election be the most important in American history?

These guys never give up. It’s shameful. It’s beneath the dignity and the power of an illegitimate regime to even consider this, considering that in excess of 1 million protesters came out to support their favorite leader’s fight for election integrity – in America!

Were they supposed to believe that Joe Biden defied the polls, without campaigning, and won more votes than any presidential candidate, ever – more than Trump and 15 million more than Barack Obama?! Of course, that happened under the strange rules during the COVID-19 pandemic, when people were encouraged to cast votes by mail and drop boxes arranged by Zuckerbucks.

“They were skeptical,” said Carlson. “They did not buy that.” And why should they?

It’s obvious that not only was the election rigged, but the Jan. 6 “riot” was manufactured.

There are still hundreds of people arrested, mostly on trespassing charges, serving stiff, unconscionable sentences two years later. Many hundreds still have not even been posted for bail. They’re just rotting in jail, around the country and the Washington Gulag, waiting for arraignment. But yet, the Injustice Department is now preparing more charges on as many as 1,200 Americans. Can this be possible? I assure you it is. Anything is possible in the wake of the last two elections.

There were a few people who committed violence on Jan. 6. But it is worth consider that no legislators were attacked. No police were killed. In fact, only Trump supporters died – at least four, one by a police bullet.

This was NOT an insurrection comparable in scale to 9/11 or Pearl Harbor. Those were attacks on the heartland by foreign powers. Democrats don’t even know how to characterize them.

So, a thousand people have been arrested for Jan. 6, and the illegitimate “Democratic” regime apparently is just getting started.

The Biden administration has spent the most the U.S. government has even spent on an uprising of this kind – and they’re still not through!

U.S. Attorney Matthew Graves says 700-1,200 more peaceful protesters are being sought for Jan. 6 “violations.” Authorities are warning that facilities could be overwhelmed by the prisoners – “political prisoners,” of course.

The Washington Post reported the following: “In recent months, law enforcement and judicial authorities have engaged in discussions to manage the huge volume of Jan. 6 cases without overwhelming the courthouse where pleas and trials are held.”

Remember, it was just weeks ago that 40,000 hours of Jan. 6 video was even released to media. Yet, many of the proceedings, some still going on, were secret – or lied about. Now the government is taking another stab at it.

Civil liberties mean nothing to the Biden regime. Less than nothing. They haven’t even provided current “political prisoner” with exculpatory evidence yet.

This is supposed to be the United States of America, the home of the free and the brave. Or, at least it was.

Do you recall the “mostly peaceful protests” perpetrated a few years ago by leftists? How many people lost their lives and how much property damage was done? Compare that with this.

It’s scandalous. It’s outrageous.

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