Washington AG Renews Fight with Trump over Travel Ban

Washington Attorney General Bob Ferguson. (Screen capture - YouTube)
Washington Attorney General Bob Ferguson. (Screen capture – YouTube)

Washington State Attorney General Bob Ferguson is back in the spotlight, once again squaring off against President Donald Trump over immigration by asking a federal judge in Seattle to extend a temporary restraining order that was issued against the first travel ban.

It is not a new lawsuit, but a motion to federal Judge James Robart to apply the first restraining order to this revised temporary travel ban.

Ferguson got national headlines – which many critics believe raised his profile that might be used to launch a gubernatorial campaign in 2020 – when he was first in the nation to challenge Trump’s original temporary travel ban several weeks ago.

This time around, Ferguson came in behind a lawsuit filed by Hawaii, according to KOMO News in Seattle.

The president’s revised order was designed to satisfy objections that Ferguson and others had against the original order. But Ferguson is arguing that the revision could become “a game of whack-a-mole for the court.”

But is Ferguson playing a game of his own?

Ferguson, a Democrat who pushed for a ban on so-called “assault weapons” beginning last autumn, is now arguing that Trump’s new travel order still has constitutional problems. The president’s revised order has removed some of the objectionable provisions of the first effort. The new order does not affect people who hold visas or green cards or those with dual citizenship. Also gone, according to the Seattle Times, is “a preference for religious minorities in the Muslim nations.”

The new order also narrows down to citizens from six nations rather than the original seven. Iraq has been removed, but remaining are Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen, the newspaper noted.

The Trump administration has been in constant turmoil with liberals almost from the moment the president was sworn into office. Still, the administration is pushing ahead with the Trump agenda, which seems to frustrate the liberal Democrat opposition, now in a political minority.

There was no “honeymoon” with the dominant media, either, with one political brush fire after another.


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