WA Senate passes hi-cap magazine ban, rights activists furious


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Legislation banning so-called “high capacity magazines” has cleared the Washington State Senate, igniting a firestorm among gun owners.

In a late-evening party-line vote, the Washington State Senate passed legislation that will ban the sale, manufacture and distribution of so-called “high-capacity” rifle or pistol magazines that hold more than 10 rounds of ammunition, igniting a fury among grassroots gun rights activists.

According to the Seattle Times, “If the bill passes the House and becomes law, the ban would limit not just magazines for rifles that hold 20 or 30 rounds, but for a host of semiautomatic pistols, which often carry more than 10 rounds.”

State Senator Marko Liias (D-Everett) declared, “This measure will make Washington a safer place.”

Senate Bill 5078 passed on a 28-20 vote, Democrats on one side, Republicans on the other. The legislation was introduced at the request of anti-gun Democrat Attorney General Bob Ferguson, who has been pushing for such a ban for several years.

Washington Attorney General wants to ban “high capacity” magazines. (YouTube, Geek Wire)

In an ominous remark not lost on Evergreen State gun owners, House Speaker Laurie Jinkins (D-Tacoma), told reporters, “It’s never a harmful year to do bills on gun safety.”

But the firearms community seems determined to correct her. Already there are several discussion threads progressing on the Washington 2022 Legislative Action Group’s Facebook page. There is plenty of fury against Democrats, perhaps exemplified best by one man’s remarks: “EVERY Democrat Senator voted for SB 5078 and NOT ONE Republican. That point can’t be driven home enough…We ABSOLUTELY need a Republican majority in either chamber in Olympia. We did this in 1994 when we turned a 60% Democrat majority into a Republican majority in one night. We can do it again on November 8th. At this point going forward, any gun owner who votes for Democrats is effectively killing gun rights and the USA.

Another man advised, “Vote them all out!” He said the opportunity will come in November.

The challenge will be to get every gun owner in the state to return their ballots, especially in swing districts where incumbent s might be vulnerable, say some activists.

Reader responses to the Seattle Times article are also piling up, with a majority appearing to oppose the legislation. Perhaps unsurprisingly, at least one respondent raised the tired argument about deer hunting, and another insisted erroneously the Second Amendment is about the militia.

The bill still must pass the House, where there is a companion measure.


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