Vote Trump chalk mark scares students at U of Wisconsin

The pussyfication of American youth continues. The University of Wisconsin Lacrosse deployed its Hate Response Team when someone chalked “Vote Trump” on the sidewalk.

 vote rtump
I don’t know, I don’t feel like wringing my hands or running to mommy over this, how about you?

Wait…a “Hate Response Team” over a chalk mark?

Oh ye gawds, as my Grandmother would say. The colored nooses the other day I could sort of understand, but a chalk mark asking people to vote for a Presidential candidate? Seriously? What do they do, take a report and run over to hold the students’ hands?

Never mind. America is doomed.

The University’s HRT posted the following on their Facebook page:

The Hate Response Team is aware of several chalkings across campus that promote Trump 2016, including messages like “Build the Wall,” “All Lives Matter,” and “Stop Illegal Immigration.” While we respect peoples’ right to express their opinions, we also recognize that some communities on campus experience these messages as discriminatory or hostile.

All manifestations of prejudice and intolerance are contradictory to our mission as a university. If you experience any bigotry on or off campus, please turn to trusted friends and/or campus resources for support. You can also file a hate/bias incident report here:https://uwlacrosse.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_3WrBm5pLjwohB7C

Again, please remember that members of our Hate Response Team are here to support the individual and collective impacted by hate/bias and to stand up against all forms of oppression. In fact, we believe the university and all people of conscience must raise their voices in support of our university’s shared values of civility, inclusion and acceptance.

Stop with the “racist” stuff already

The school felt that the statements made were “racist,” but stopped short of saying they could not be used since nearly every Presidential candidate has mentioned them. They did say that the words weren’t particularly discriminatory unless someone was offended by them.

One student stated that “Trump has promoted and perpetuated hate” for Mexican Americans, African Americans, Muslim Americans, refugees, and women.” She also said that the President should represent something other than a minority of Americans. Um, hey kid, newsflash. Those people you mentioned are the minorities. (White folk = 63% of the population). I so want to be mean right now, but I’ll just keep typing.

All of that is media hype and untrue.  But he HAS spoken bluntly about some of those things.  Seriously, our colleges have bred a pile of panty-waists. You can all go to your “safe place” now and cower because of those big bad Trump chalk marks.

According to Fox News, similar incidents have occurred at Emory University, in Atlanta (which was reported by Uncle Sam’s), Depaul University in Chicago, University of California San Diego and other schools around the country.

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