Virginia liberal Dem. Mike Dickinson: Let’s pray God kills Jerry Falwell, Jr., with a heart attack

Dickinson-TwitterIn tweets issued Saturday, Mike Dickinson, the Virginia liberal who once sought the House seat formerly held by Rep. Eric Cantor, R-Va., called for prayers that God would kill Liberty University President Jerry Falwell Jr., specifically asking for God to take him out with a heart attack.

Using the hashtag #prayhard, Dickinson claimed his message of death is not a threat.

He also issued this:

As we reported Sunday, Falwell was accused of treason by Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton for statements he made to his students calling for “good people” to have concealed carry permits in order to “end those Muslims.”

“It was clear [during Convocation] I was talking about radical Islamic terrorist Muslims, not all Muslims,” he told The Blaze.

But some, like Dickinson and Clinton, were apparently incapable of understanding that.

This isn’t the first time Dickinson — a twice-failed politician — has advocated death for those with whom he disagrees.

In September 2014, he made it clear that he’s perfectly okay with the extermination of five million Americans simply because they belong to the NRA.

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As a candidate, he also advocated “decimating” Christians and promised to eradicate the Tea Party.  Dickinson made news when he offered a $100K reward for nude photos of a Texas Tech hunter-cheerleader.

Having just been severely beaten in a local legislative race, Dickinson says he’s eyeing the House seat now held by Republican Dave Brat.


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