Violent anti-Trump leftists at Berkeley: U.S. flag a ‘fascist’ flag

flag fascist

On Saturday, pro-Trump rallies were held at locations across the country, including the Marxist bastion known as U.C. Berkeley.  Naturally, violent liberals came out to make their opinions known by assaulting Trump supporters and burning signs supporting free speech.  And of course, not much was done to stop the violence.  One man said that leftists called the U.S. flag “fascist,” according to Gibson Chu, a freshman at Berkeley who writes for the Daily Californian.

Twitchy posted photos from the clash between leftists and supporters of the president:

Where’s the outcry of sexism and misogyny from the left?

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And yes, they burned a “free speech” sign.

And there was the obligatory flag-burning:

They even attacked an elderly man with pepper spray:

Where were the police?  Apparently, standing to the side taking pictures while watching the melee:

A post at We Are Change noted:

Police did not immediately intervene, and as protesters burned an American flag they informed a woman that they were not allowed to put out the fire, San Francisco Chronicle reporter Lizzie Johnson posted on Twitter.

But hey, no problem, because police filmed the event to supposedly catch the perpetrators later, the post added…

BPD spokesperson Office Byron White confirmed that the department is filming the protest and will be seeking to identify anarchists who were not immediately arrested at the scene.

Violent leftists allegedly threatened San Francisco Chronicle reporter Lizzie Johnson, telling her she would be killed if she stayed to report the clash:

Johnson was reportedly warned that she would be killed if she stayed at the scene, doing her job. She also reported that the leftists were throwing eggs at police and the press.

There were, however, a few arrests:

Real peaceful people, these leftists…

In February 2011, I first said that liberalism, at its core, is an ideology of rage and hate.  Sadly, liberals prove that assertion correct on just about any given day…


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