Videos: Donald Trump tosses Univision’s Jorge Ramos from press conference

trump-ramosLove him or hate him, you gotta give Donald Trump credit.  He doesn’t take garbage from anyone, especially members of the media who want to play gotcha.

During a press conference in Dubuque, Iowa, Univision’s Jorge Ramos began questioning Trump without being called on.  And that, he learned the hard way, is a no-no.

“Excuse me, sit down, you weren’t called. Sit down!”Trump said.  Ramos protested: “I have the right to ask a question.”

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But Trump had other ideas.

“No you don’t, go back to Univision,” he said.

At that point, Mediaite said, security officers physically removed Ramos from the room.

Check out the video:

Ramos was later allowed to return so he could press Trump to give up the idea of deporting illegals:


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