Video: Well-known Black Trump supporter assaulted by angry feminist

Video: Well-known Black Trump supporter assaulted by angry feministJesse Lee Peterson, author, founder of Bond and a conservative, recently spoke to the Southern California Junior State of America, or JSA, winter congress to a group of about 860 high-schoolers, supposedly 60 to 70 percent liberal.

Peterson said that he never seen a better-looking group of young people where the boys wore suits and ties, and the girls wore dresses and heels and some wore pantsuits.

His talk followed a liberal California state assemblyman’s speech. He was scheduled for an hour, consisting of a 25- to 45-minute speech followed by Q&A but he was thrown out before the 25-minute mark.

Peterson started out saying my book, “The Antidote,” proves “racism” does not exist, that it’s a lie made up to divide and conquer through anger. Angry people feel like victims, and all victims are pathetic and some loved the message.

Peterson explained how Barack Obama divided the races like no other time in history, because he’s all about politics, power and wealth where liberals do not care about people.

Obama pitted blacks against whites and police. They’d been set up to hate by their lying false leaders over the decades. Most who run into trouble with police are criminals – thugs like Michael Brown or Trayvon Martin, whose home lives I described.

The high-schoolers burst out in shouting and jeers when Peterson told the truth about the two dead icons of the Black Lives Matter movement.

Around 15 minutes into his talk, the JSA governor, high-school senior Justin Wittekind, asked me to begin Q&A early and immediately, dozens of students lined up on both sides of the room to ask their questions.

Peterson answered answers to their questions, in which each caused an uproar. Unfortunately, only about four people, all girls, were allowed to state their case and ask questions before they decided to shut him down completely.

Two girls questioned his position that “racism” does not exist. They brought statistics they think prove “racism” does exist. Peterson explained that blacks have created a negative reputation for themselves through dangerous neighborhoods, robbery, rape and murder of one another and of white people. I said liberals are liars, and you can’t trust their “studies” or anything a liberal has to say.

One girl said “LGBT rights” are very important to her, and she described disproportionate “LGBT” suffering with information from Human Rights Campaign. Peterson responded by saying there’s no such thing as “LGBT rights.” Before he could elaborate, the crowd burst in cries of outrage and Justin came to the mic and said, “We don’t agree with that,” and that we should not discuss that topic because we won’t agree, and the crowd wouldn’t be able to handle it.

But the crowd wanted to hear it and shouted when he cut off the topic. Before they moved on, Peterson had added that the same laws that protect all Americans protect homosexuals and other “LGBT” people and stated that we don’t need “special” laws for “special” people.

Finally, one girl asked Peterson, if “racism” does not exist, then what is the purpose of Black Lives Matter – why do we need it? He said Black Lives Matter is an evil, angry, agitated group, it’s worse than the KKK. At this, the crowd screamed louder than ever. One young man tried to rush the stage.

He was being pushed back as he shouted that they killed his great-grandfather. He later interrupted conservative young guys talking to me to dispute the facts about Trayvon Martin.

When Peterson left, he cursed at him, flipped Peterson off and presented extreme anger.

The adult program director for JSA, liberal feminist Obama supporter Yvonne England, put her hands on Peterson twice to pull him away from the mic and prevent Peterson from speaking.

She did not want Peterson to mention God in my speech or say Obama is the worst president we’ve ever had. She told Peterson that he was “never coming back,” upset that he “made kids cry.”

He told her not to touch him and despite her assault, Peterson concluded my speech to the young people by telling them, “I want you to start thinking for yourself,” to consider what’s right and wrong and not just accept what they’re told and Yvonne stood there fuming behind Peterson.

Justin told the crowd his heart had never beat so fast in his life. He repeatedly promised students the opportunity to talk and interrogate my ideas outside and students immediately joined Peterson outside.

Very shortly, however, after only two or three minutes, the adults in charge demanded the young people go back inside. Two men told me Peterson that he had to leave, and they escorted Peterson away.

Another liberal JSA employee, Derek Dettorre, pretended to respect Peterson’s opinions, but he soon started yelling at Peterson and accusing Peterson of wanting to rile the students, as Peterson tried to get his parking pass validated.

As a result of the chaos, Peterson said, “More than ever, young people lack good fathers. So they hate men and they hate truth. Barna Group reports 59 percent of millennials who grew up in the church have dropped out. I could recognize the young people who are confident and happy. They love me, they’re conservative and they can handle disagreement. They’re in the minority among insane liberal crowds.”

“I pray that they continue to set the example for the other youth who never saw this strength in their homes.”

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