Video: Stacey Dash is Suspended For 2 Weeks For This…


Stacey Dash and others were in a discussion about Obama’s speech on Fox News’ “Outnumbered.”  To stay the least, the panel was none too impressed with Obama’s speech.  The worst of it came when Stacey Dash got her turn to talk.  She said that during the speech she got the impression that “Obama doesn’t give a s*^t.

She caught herself and changed it to “could care less.”  She utterly destroyed Obama, but unfortunately, her transgression caught the attention of Bill Shine, Senior Executive Vice President of Programming.  He announced that Stacey is suspended from the network for two weeks.

Shine announced the same punishment for Lt Col Ralph Peters for calling Obama a “pu^^y” on Stuart Varney’s show on the Fox Business Channel.

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Here is the video that got Stacey suspended: (Bet it was worth it)


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