Video of the Day: Watch Nancy Pelosi claim tax cut was ‘uh milli-, uh billi-, uh a trillion and a half’ dollars

Today’s video of the day comes to us courtesy of the American Mirror, which reported that House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., was a bit confused when she tried to attack the GOP tax cut.

According to Victor Skinner:

Pelosi began her remarks by thanking Democratic lawmakers who joined the group to talk, as well as the union’s top officials and members, before turning her focus on badmouthing tax cuts approved by Congress last year.

“Now this is, we are here, you heard after they did their tax scam that they were giving this tax break to corporate America. That 83 percent of the benefits of the tax scam will go to the top 1 percent in our country.

“And a big chuck of that, uh milli-, uh billi-, uh a trillion and a half dollars will go to corporate America, but don’t worry they are going to create jobs, raise wages, give bonuses and the rest,” Pelosi muttered.

According to Pelosi, those things didn’t happen, but of course, they are happening, as news reports from around the country have noted.

Pelosi has also denigrated the tax breaks and $1,000 bonuses as “crumbs.”  And, she assures us, if Democrats take the House this year, they’ll also take those tax cuts away from you.

Without further ado, here she is in all her confused liberal “glory”…


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